April 23, 1998

Bess Rowden (chair), Mark Mounts, Barb Sagraves, Barb Krieger, Penny Tyson, Lois Krieger, Pat Iacuzzi, Bill Ghezzi

Bess called the meeting to order at 2:15 P.M.

Secretary's report: Since all present had read the draft minutes of the March meeting, they were not read aloud. They were approved with one correction.

Treasurer's report: To be attached

Committee reports:

1998 Crafts Fair (Barb Krieger): see under New Business

Welfare: No report

Social: No report

Scholarship (Pat Iacuzzi): Funding has not been a problem this year, but with the proliferation of available non-academic courses we may have to rethink criteria for scholarships. This might be an idea to mention at the next general meeting.

Old business:

The DCLSA Web pages were recently updated, including scholarship guidelines. Bill Ghezzi has volunteered to be the Executive Board representative to the Berry/Baker Change Committee.

New business:

Should we establish a new committee for planning retirement activities? Or try to revive the Social Committee (which is usually the committee in charge of retirements)? We may need to write up guidelines as we know them, specifically regarding DCLSA responsibilities (contributions to retirement gifts, parties); what about farewell parties/gifts for people who've been here many years but who are not retiring? For some upcoming retirements, there will be no parties (by request), but gift certificates will be presented. Barb S. will write up the guidelines as currently understood, with attention to Executive Board/Social Committee responsibilities.

How to revive interest in Executive Board meetings among liaisons? Attendance has dropped off.

Bess and Barb S. are working on nominations for the upcoming elections.

1998 Crafts Fair: We need a chairperson. Bess will send out a Blitz message asking for volunteers. Barb K. says it shouldn't be a difficult job-and she'll help the new chairperson. The room is already reserved (November 11, 1998, from 7:30 AM to 5 PM). Barb will send letters to outside crafters. She recommended having crafters deal with their own money. This might be difficult for Library-staff crafters who can't stay at their tables all day; maybe a separate Library table (or area of tables) could be set up, with people taking turns as cashier.

The Spring General Meeting is set for Tuesday, June 16, 1998 from 10 to 11 AM; we have Collis from 9 to 12, but it would be good if we could be out by 11:30. Barb S. will see to refreshments from Lou's.

Can we combine the Baker staff room liaison and housekeeper jobs? How is pay rate for housekeeping decided? Baker's staff room is probably too big for the housekeeping job to be done on volunteer rotation.

We adjourned at approximately 3:15.

Respectfully submitted,
Lois Krieger

Revised: 8 June, 1998 (mej)