March 26, 1998

Present: Bess Rowden (Chair), Penny Tyson, Mark Mounts, Lois Krieger, Pat Iacuzzi, Suzanne Semmes, Barb Sagraves, Ridie Ghezzi, Bill Ghezzi

Bess called the meeting to order at 2:20 P.M. and read the minutes from the preceding meeting. After one correction, the minutes were approved.

Treasurer's Report: To be attached

Social: No report.

Welfare: Deb was not present. Bess noted acknowledgments from Sue Marcoulier and Tom Agan for retirement parties and gifts; another retirement is coming up.

Nominations: Bess and Barb will meet in early April. Hazen's system for nominations has worked smoothly. Elections are held before the Spring General Meeting.

Scholarship Committee: Pat mentioned that the requirements for scholarship applications need to be clarified. The phrase 'not to exceed $25 per term' may be added. Pat will make the corrections on the DCLSA Web page.

New business:

By the end of May or June, we will need to find someone else to clean the Staff Room.

Ideas for spring functions: Hike? Tea party? Ice-cream trucks on the Green?

Spring General Meeting: Collis Common Ground is convenient, and refreshments are allowed. Tentative date is Tuesday, June 16, at 10 A.M.; alternate date, Monday, June 15.

Issues connected with disruptions during construction: Parking? Courier van? Barb reported on a meeting with Miss Otto in which several DCLSA concerns were brought up.

Suzanne suggested brainstorming sessions on the future relationship between Library staff and Computing Services. How much of a 'merger' will there be? Library Systems is currently working closely with Computing Services. Should there be a Staff Association liaison to the Berry-Baker Change Committee? Barb suggested that this person should be a DCLSA board member or departmental liaison.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed. We adjourned at 3 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Lois Krieger

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Revised: 13 May, 1998 (mej)