January 21, 1998

Present: Boss Rowden (Chair), Penny Tyson, Bill Ghezzi, Mark Mounts, Debra Agnoli, MiMi Curphey, Lois Krieger

Bess opened the meeeting at 2:20 P.M.

Bess reported that the Holiday Party had gone well. She mentioned that we'd contributed a farewell gift for Luis Villar and reported on plans for Sue Marcoulier's retirement party, to be held the following day. Bess has communicated with the two staff members who are interested in promoting a DCLSA-sponsored food drive, and will meet with them in early February. Bess also reported that John Crane, in response to our suggestion, has recently sent out a message listing new staff hires and other changes.

Treasurer's Report: Mark presented a two-month report (we had no Board meeting in December). The Craft Fair did well. There was some discussion of Main Office contribution to the Holiday Party budget. There was also continued discussion of an issue brought up at the Fall General Meeting, concern over future loss of revenue from the vending machines when Berry-Baker, with its CybercafŽ, opens. The CafŽ will have vending machines, and the access route to the Staff Room machines may be altered. Mark also reported that the DCLSA account is subject to audit (a College office has responsibility for auditing campus organization accounts).

Welfare Committee: Deb reported that there have recently been several hospitalizations and bereavements. The Main Office has made several memorial contributions. Emily Soden, a new staff member in Bib Control, was welcomed.

Social Comittee: In the absence of committee members, Bess reported that she'd received notes with favorable comments about the Holiday Party, particularly about the food.

Scholarship Committee: Pat was not present.

Craft Fair: Joyce was not present, but will send a report to the board and/or the staff as a whole, possibly via Blitz.

The remainder of the meeting was taken up with a combination of old and new business.

Retirements/farewells: The DCLSA ordinarily contributes $75 toward a retirement party. If a staff member leaves for other reasons, a party is usually the responsibility of the employee's department. Farewell gifts, like Luis's gift certificate, are considered on an individual basis.

Staff Room liaison: No action yet.

Food drive: Will it require a lot of time to coordinate? Food should be brought to a central location; pickup and delivery will have to be arranged. What organization will be the beneficiary? If the Staff Room is to be the drop spot, the DCLSA may be able to provide a coffee urn with free coffee for people bringing in donations. We could send a Blitz message asking for help, especially from people with experience in managing food drives. It was also mentioned that organizations often need volunteer help at least as much as food or other supplies.

Minutes: There was a brief duscussion of how best to disseminate minutes. Do people read Blitz bulletins or check our Web page? Mary Ann, in the Main Office, often sends committees' minutes out to the staff as a whole via Blitz (everyone gets the messages; people don't have to open Blitz bulletins).

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed. We adjourned at 3:10 P.M.

Respectfully submitted, Lois Krieger, Secretary

Revised: 24 April, 1998 (mej)