October 15, 1997

Present: Bess Rowden, Barb Sagraves, Barb Krieger, Cherie Burns, Bill Ghezzi, Pat Iacuzzi, Suzanne Semmes, Penny Tyson, Deb Sicard, Lois Krieger

Bess called the meeting to order. There were no announcements.

The minutes from the September meeting were approved, after noting a correction concerning the chair of the Holiday Party committee.

Treasurer's report: None, as Mark was unable to attend. Bess reported that the balance in the account is $6168. Suzanne suggested that the Treasurer's report be distributed more widely. Bess said that she, Bev Mazzilli, and Marianne Wilson will go through past Social Committee and Treasurer's reports for party guidelines.

Welfare: No report; Deb was unable to attend.

Scholarship: Pat reported that several more scholarships were awarded. The total awarded this year is about half the number usually given out by this time of year. The decline may be the result of a decline in FLIP classes offered.

Program: No report.

Crafts Fair: Barb K. reported that seventeen (and possibly eighteen) crafters had signed up. There were eighteen last year; the committee is hoping for twenty to twenty-five this year. Some more letters were sent out. The fair will be held on November 21.

The Holiday Party Planning Committee met on October 9. The party will be a luncheon on December 12, from noon until 2 PM in the Tower Room. Bess will have budget figures by the next week. Suzanne: Why a luncheon? Bill: We gave the committee the authority to decide. Other discussion: There seems to be an even division between those favoring a luncheon and those favoring a tea; party has to be in the interim; date and time had to be cleared with the Main Office. Bess and others discussed the possibility of a spring tea or ice-cream social.

New business:

Fall general meeting: Several dates were proposed; a date during term should produce better attendance, since fewer staff will be on vacation and there will be students to cover departments. Thursday, November 13, was chosen, with November 5 as a backup date; time, 10 AM. Various locations were proposed. Past meetings in Cook and Carpenter demonstrated that classrooms are generally too small. We decided to try for Collis Common Ground; refreshments are OK there. Barb S. will take care of refreshments. Bill has information on caterers; possibilities are Lou's, Pat and Tony's, Bagel Basement. Bess will send the required two weeks' advance notice re the fall meeting.

Staff Room: Suzanne suggested that there should be a permanent position on the Executive Board for a Staff Room liaison. The previous temporary Furniture Committee ended up doing a lot of other things relating to the Staff Room in general. Possible issues: remodeling the smoking room (a fan would take up the entire budget). Bess will ask John Crane if he thinks a Staff Room liaison on the Executive Board would be helpful to him. Bess wondered about the parliamentary procedure for adding a liaison to the Board; Barb S. suggested, and it was agreed, that we should table this issue until the next meeting.

Retirement: Sue Marcoulier will retire at the end of January 1998. Possible gift ideas: Dartmouth chair, watercolor of Sue's house by Meg MacLean (Barb K. noted that Meg needs plenty of lead time). Bess will look at the Social Committee notebook for notes on past retirement parties (how much the Staff Association contributes, etc.). There was a general feeling that honoring a long-time staff member was a valid use of Association funds. Bess noted that we should let Pam Ploeger know who wants to volunteer to help plan the party. Barb S. suggested that if we do a memory book like the one for Claire, the book should be prepared first, before asking people to sign or otherwise contribute. (Ask Pam if a memory book is wanted.)

The meeting adjourned at 3 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Lois Krieger, Secretary

Revised: January 28, 1998 (mej)