September 17, 1997

Present: Bess Rowden, Deb Agnoli, Ridie Ghezzi, Bill Ghezzi, Penny Tyson, Barb Krieger, Phyllis Gilbert, Pat Iacuzzi, Cherie Burns, Lois Krieger

Bess read the minutes from the previous meeting, which were accepted with minor corrections.

Treasurer's report: Mark was away, so there was no report.

Welfare: Deb reported that there had been little activity since the previous report.

Social: Bess reported that the awards luncheon was a success. It was a lot of work, but she received many compliments on teh event. There were enough volunteers for cleanup. Bess and Pam Osgood picked up leftover food; Bess and Goodie delivered it to the Bugbee Center. Bess and others made notes to help those who will organize next year's luncheon.

Program: Plans for a mountain hike were put on hold. There was some feeling that Moosilauke might be too difficult for a 'fun' hike; Cardigan or Ascutney are possible alternatives.

Scholarship: Pat reported that three scholarships, for a total of $75, were awarded since July. CCB classes are eligible.

Crafts Fair: Barb reported that several more outside crafters had signed up, and more were possible, maybe including a potter. Posters will be ready in mid-October. Joyce will bet out for 6 to 8 weeks. More cashiers will be needed--last-minute volunteers are welcome!

Old Business:

Penny relayed thanks from several people to the Social Commitee for the awards luncheon. Some people had suggested that there should be more veggies for the sandwiches.

Posting of Executive Board minutes: draft minutes should be sent to voting members of the Executive Board. When the minutes are corrected, the secretary should have them posted on the Web page and Blitz bulletin board. The current secretary will get authorization from Kiewit for the Blitz posting.

The remainder of the meeting was devoted primarily to discussion of the holiday party. The Blitz message proposing changes in time and format drew varying responses. A sampling:

Keep traditional party now, since there may be interruptions in various functions during construction; morale may suffer if social functions are reduced to a minimum (some people felt that a 'tea' would be a smaller-scale affair) ; we have enough funds for catering; retirees look forward to the lunchtime party and may not want to drive home in the dark if the party were held later; many staff leave early because of family responsibilities and can't stay later; 'Spring Fling' failed because it was an after-hours function; should 'making up time' be an issue?--party originally 'gift from the administration' to the staff; everyone seems to be feeling time pressure.

Discussion: Some funds from the vending-machine proceeds could be applied to party costs. Cater if no volunteers?--still need a volunteer to meet with the caterer. Turn planning over to main office? Hire student helpers? Possible caterers: Lou's, Thayer, Hanover Inn, Byrne; variations in per-person costs and services provided. Tower Room: Many people like it, primarily because it's 'traditional.' Is it too big a room for effective mingling? Deb: Could liaisons ask for volunteers to decorate? Phyllis: Why do we have few volunteers?--everyone has more work to do and less time?

Bill recently attended an events-planning workshop. There is a list of approved caterers and other information on various events that could be applied to planning the holiday party.

Date: December 19 seems best (Special Collections inventory concludes December 11). Time: somewhere in the range of 1:30-4:30. We should onfirm/clear date and time with Miss Otto (this has always been done).

Bess will send out a Blitz to ask for volunteers or the Holiday Event planning committee. Barb Sagraves will co-chair if no one else volunteers.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 3:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Lois Krieger, Secretary

Revised: January 28, 1998 (mej)