August 20, 1997

Present: Bess Rowden (chair), Deb Agnoli, Mark Mounts, Joyce Blunt, Penny Tyson, Ridie Ghezzi, Hazen Allen, Lois Krieger

Minutes from the previous meeting were accepted with one correction: the Treasurer's report is monthly, not semi-annual.

The Treasurer's report was approved.

Welfare: Deb Agnoli said that we had received several thank-you notes, and had sent flowers to a number of staff members (including a retiree celebrating her 80th birthday).

It was announced that Helga Low has agreed to oversee the staff room and clean the refrigerator.

Bess opened the continuing discussion of the proposed trip to the Ravine Lodge. We had a better idea of what dates are available to us (first-year trips are over by September 18) and how many can be accommodated at one time (fifty; fewer, with seating). Some issues remained unresolved (picking a date that gives everyone a fair chance; difficulty of climb). Deb suggested that we e-mail staff with a choice of dates and see what kind of response we get.

Awards luncheon: Pam Osgood and Bess have done the ordering (from Gondola). The luncheon will be held at Collis Common Ground on Wednesday, September 10, from noon to 2 PM (we have the room from 10 AM to 3 PM). Bess will send an e-mail request for volunteers (cleanup, set-up, drinks purchase). Barb and Bill are well along with making the award certificates and obtaining the Bookstore gift certificates.

Hazen suggested that we introduce new staff members at the awards luncheon; a lot of new people join the staff between the Spring and Fall meetings. He also suggested name tags for both old and new staff members.

Crafts Fair: Joyce and Barb have sent postcards inviting crafters to particpate. Barb attended the Sunapee crafts fair to scout for potential particpants.

Holiday Party: Potential changes in time and format were discussed. Probably there will be people unable to attend no matter what time we finally choose. Staff seem to like the Tower Room (although some caterers don't), everyone knows where it is, and we're not limited to one caterer. One idea was to have a 3-ish, tea-time party (not catered, with rented teacups, hors d'oeuvres provided by staff, music on CD) rather than a lunch, possibly held in the Top of the Hop. Some objections may be made on the grounds of tradition, but it was noted that we've already lost some of the traditional trappings (fire in the fireplace, real trees). Should we ask for a range of opinions? [Secretary's note: Several references were made to 'Hazen's survey'; can we find that and discuss the results?]

Spring/Fall meetings: Move from June and December to May and November? It's easier to get a room during term breaks, but Bess noted that people are more likely to take vacation time during breaks. We can no longer offer refreshments in classrooms. Hazen said that Collis is relatively easy to schedule but that setup for a group this size might be difficult. Bess thought that scheduling the Fall meeting just before the Thanksgiving break might work.

Ridie mentioned that Bill had attended an events-planning workshop. [Secretary's note: Shall we ask him to report on this at a future meeting?]

Term ends December 9. No date yet set for Fall meeting or holiday party. Holiday party should be held after the end of term if it's in the Tower Room, since the room is heavily used for study.

Barb Sagraves made a motion to adjourn, which was seconded and passed. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 17, at 2:15; location to be announced.

Respectfully submitted,

Lois Krieger, Secretary

Revised: January 28, 1998 (mej)