July 17, 1997

Present: Bess Rowden (chair), Mark Mounts, Phyllis Gilbert, Bill Ghezzi, Cherie Burns, Penny Tyson, Barb Krieger, Goodie Corriveau, Pat Iacuzzi, Barb Sagraves, Lois Krieger

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved after the secretary promised to correct some typographical errors.

Bess noted that this year's liaisons included few repeaters.

Treasurer's report:

Mark handed out copies of the monthly report and explained some terms that weren't clear to some of us (Association Fund, DCLSA Charge Account). The report was then approved as read.

Deb Sicard has been trying to figure a way to automate fund transfers, for example from the DCLSA Charge Account (a College account) to the active account; it is currently difficult to use the DCLSA Charge Account for non-College charges. It was suggested that working on the fund-transfer issue might be a future agenda item.

Committee reports:

Crafts Fair: Barb Krieger reported on response to the questionnaire. There are currently twelve volunteer workers. Some crafters from previous years will be back. We might want some more outside crafters in order to have a wider variety of items to sell.

Program Committee:

There is currently no committee. Bess reported on her proposal that the DCLSA sponsor a day trip to Mount Moosilauke. Topics brought up in general discussion:

Date: How much advance notice is needed? We don't want to overlap with first-year trips, but if we wait, when do we start worrying about snow? Bess said she would check with the person organizing first-year trips about dates. What day is best (Saturday or other)?

Lunch: Quality of Ravine Lodge food? Pot luck (BYO) possibly not allowed? Bigger turnout if lunch offered? Will guests' lunches be paid for by DCLSA?

Weather and other trail issues: Serious hikers aren't bothered by rain. [Secretary's afterthought, not mentioned at the meeting: Do we want to limit this to serious hikers?] What about folks not up to a strenuous climb? OK to drive to Lodge and hike from there?

Bess made a plea for volunteers for Program Committee chair and members. It was suggested that we might get volunteers for specific events. [Another aside: Who decides on the events?]

Scholarship Committee:

Pat Iacuzzi reported that three scholarships have been recently awarded. Pat has application forms; they are also available on the DCLSA home page.

Social Commitee:

There is no committee at this point. Bess reported that Collis Common Ground has been reserved for the awards banquet. [She sent an e-mail message on July 23 with a corrected date and time, Wednesday, September 10, from noon to 2 P.M.]. Pam Osgood recommends Gondola again for the catering. Barb Sagraves will get the list of honorees from Miss Otto or John Crane; Bess will get the certificates from Mary Ann; Bill will get the Bookstore gift certificates. These can be charged to the College account. (Brief discussion: Should there be an alternative to Bookstore gift certificates?) Mark asked how far in advance we need to get the caterer. Pam has the information on food (how much to order, how much it will cost).

Bess remarked on how difficult it is to get people to serve on the Social Committee for a full year. Many people are involved in various committees concerning new facilities planning (Rauner, Berry-Baker); the next few months will be especially busy. It was suggested that we could revamp the DCLSA calendar so that events are spaced more evenly. Suggestions by various people: A joint-membership, no-formal-chair Social Committee; possibly a scaled-down holiday party with more outside workers and fewer staff volunteers (cost would be a consideration).

Welfare Committee:

No report (Deb Agnoli was not present), but it was noted that some get-well cards had been sent.

New business:

Meeting times: Because some new Board members have conflicting obligations (other committees, etc.), we decided to try the third Wednesday of the month as the regular meeting date, although the time will be the same. [E-mail of August 12 confimed next meeting at August 20, 2:15 to 3:30, in the Kresge Conference Room.] The meeting will deal primarily with the awards banquet and holiday party. We debated having a retreat, possibly outside of Library property and after working hours, for this meeting, but subsequent e-mail discussion vetoed this idea.

DCLSA schedule: Full meeting dates could be changed; constitution says only that we should have spring and fall meetings. A spring meeting well before senior clearance would make life easier for a lot of people. Most people approved of current format, especially the introduction of new staff members.

Holiday party: To be discussed more fully at the next meeting. How best to find out what staff in general think about the party? Change the time or location?

Phyllis made a motion to adjourn. It was seconded, and we adjourned at 3:15 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Lois Krieger, Secretary

Revised: January 28, 1998 (mej)