May 15, 1997

Present: Hazen Allen (chair), Joyce Blunt, Cheryl Burns, Mimi Curphey, Phyllis Gilbert, Juli Hincks, Pat Iacuzzi, Nancy Markee, Beth Rowden (recorder), Suzanne Semmes, Marianne Wilson.

Announcements: Hazen announced that Joyce Blunt of Baker Reserve and Barb Krieger of Special Collections will co-chair the Crafts Fair Committee.

Secretary's Report: Hazen read the minutes of the April meeting. Correction: Furniture Committee: should read "The entire committee supports the recommendation that there be a permanent DCLSA liaison on staff space issues." The corrections were forwarded, seconded : minutes as amended were approved.

Treasurer's Report: Hazen read the report and it was approved as read. Hazen noted that there might be enough money in the treasury to budget six months ahead for upcoming events such as the Awards Banquet in September, the Holiday Party and the Fall & Spring General Meetings.

Social Committee: Marianne reported that the LSA supplemented the Class of '51 Gift to the Library Staff in the amount of $320.00. This was used for the use of a reception room at the Hanover Inn prior to the performance of "Sweeney Todd" and the purchase of some additional tickets. Several board members thanked Marianne for obtaining the reception room and commented that it was a very pleasant evening.

Welfare Committee: Hazen reported that two bouquets had been sent to staff people. It was reported that two new staff has joined us--Catherine Kitowski at Baker Circulation and Nermina Zildzo at Sherman Library.

Scholarship Committee: Pat Iacuzzi reported that one $25.00 scholarship had been awarded.

Baker Staff Room Committee: Suzanne reported that the money allotted must be spent by the end of the fiscal year. The furniture is ordered and will be delivered shortly. By mid-July the project should be complete.

Old Business: Hazen informed the board that the release of the ballot will be 23 May. There are no nominations for vice-president/president-elect as yet. Hazen will ask John Crane if he can attend the Spring General Meeting to present new employees. Hazen said that he will again ask John Crane if the Baker staff room can be closed after hours to deter non-staff from using the room. There was a brief discussion concerning the purpose of the DCLSA--the educational, social programs and the support that the organization provides. It was mentioned that all of us should be aware that the next few years there will be structural changes, stress & turmoil for our colleagues. It was pointed out that we should keep in mind that there are on campus organizations to help staff with stress such as the Employee Assistance Program and the Women's Resource Center. Hazen stated that every few years there is an ebb & flow of interest, participation and availability of staff in our organization.

New Business: The Spring General Meeting on Thursday June 12.

Revised: July 14, 1997 (mej)