December 12, 1996

Present: Hazen Allen (Chair) Cheryl Burns, Mimi Curphey, Patrick Foley, Phyllis Gilbert, Pat Iacuzzi, Monique Jones, Lisa MacRae, Nancy Markee, Suzanne Semmes (Recorder), Deb Sicard

The meeting was called to order at 2:15 pm in Baker 158.

The Board was reminded that the Fall General Meeting of the DCLSA will be held next Thursday, Dec. 19 at 10 am in 13 Carpenter, and that the Holiday Party will be held Dec. 13 from 11:30 - 2pm.

* The DCLSA now has an account number to be used for purchasing. It will enable us to avoid past problems with LPOs, record keeping, etc.

This is an "agency account," and will be used by the Treasurer as a working fund for immediate cash needs. The rest of our funds will remain in the bank account to draw interest, something this account does not do. When one of us requires cash from the DCLSA, contact the Treasurer, and ask for the account number.

*We have been notified by Main Office that from now on the proceeds from Staff Room vending machine sales will be deposited monthly, directly into our new account. The DCLSA treasurer will receive a printed report of these transactions around the first of the following month.

* Hazen strongly suggested the Board consider setting up a budget in future for each DCLSA-sponsored event . This suggestion was tabled for later consideration.

*The Minutes of the November 14, 1996 Executive Board Meeting were approved without correction.

*The Treasurer's Report (attached) was approved.

*The Crafts Fair Committee reported that suggestions from participants were solicited this year, and were helpful in planning. The location, organization and times for the fair were all approved by crafters and library staff. All participants made significant gains on last year's proceeds.

Parking for exhibitors and customers continues to be a serious problem, and lighting needed to be improved. For next year, Collis would probably need to be reserved in February 1997.

* The Staff Rooms Furniture Committee reported on a meeting with John Crane:

- Painting of these rooms can be accomplished whenever we wish, but in consideration of environmental health issues, it was suggested we wait until all the windows can be opened to air out the rooms during painting.

- FO&M will be involved in repairing items subject to usual wear and tear, and repairs will come out of their budget. A meeting with Bill Hochstin is being arranged soon. He may also be able to help with the cost of window coverings, but if not, these will come out of our main budget for the project.

-Issues of fire safety as they relate to furniture in the staff rooms are being considered and dealt with by FO&M/Corky. We will have to bear fire safety in mind when choosing new furniture, and some older furniture not be up to fire code.

*The 40th Anniversary Committee announced that mementoes will be available at the Holiday Party. Anyone who is unable to collect theirs then can obtain one from Mimi or Hazen.

* The Welfare Committee reported two flower arrangements sent this month, one memorial donation to the Monroe Fast Squad, and one welcome letter for D. Fitzpatrick, Learning Resources Technician in Dana Library.

Two Items of Old Business :

*Are one-time requests for scholarships equalling the limit for a staffer's one-year allotment of $75 legal and proper? And to what sorts of requests should the allocations apply?

Much discussion resulted. The Board agreed that reasonable requests for scholarships for any self-improvement activity would be honored, as they have for the past several years.

However, cash flow considerations prevent the DCLSA from being able to honor more than one $25.00 request per person, per third of a year, and per activity. In other words, if one purchased an $80.00 annual gym pass, they could submit a request for that activity to the DCLSA only once during the year.

Pat Iacuzzi will write up these guidelines to put in the minutes and for inclusion on the DCLSA Web Page.

*The Class of 1951 gift of $1000.00 to benefit the Library Staff and the Dartmouth Players was discussed. The money will be available to subsidize tickets for Staff to attend a performance of Sweeney Todd, showing May 8,9,10 and May 14-17, various matinees and evening performances. This offers an opportunity for all who wish to participate , and is a "positive thing!"

Discussion and voting on this event will be resumed at the January meeting, bearing in mind the following: - supplement the gift with funds from DCLSA ?
-get a group rate from The Hop?
- call it our Spring Fling?
-supplement theater with a place for a meal?
-the simpler the solution the better!

Other business

Mimi Curphey told us that Baker custodian Don Severance will be retiring shortly. Did we wish to acknowledge this in any way? The Board voted to allocate $25.00 toward a gift certificate or similar gift for him.

The meeting was adjourned in chaos at 3:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Suzanne Semmes

Revised: February 19, 1997 (mej)