October 10, 1996

Present: Debra Agnoli, Hazen Allen, Cherie Burns, Mimi Curphey, Phyllis Gilbert, Juli Hincks, Pat Iacuzzi, Monique Jones, Lisa MacRae, Beth Rowden, Deb Sicard, Marjy Whyte, Marianne Wilson

Meeting was called to order at 2:20 pm.

Minutes were approved with corrections for September.

Treasurer's report was approved as read.

Committee reports-

Marianne for the Social Committee- The Halloween Party will be held in Webster Hall from 2-3:30 pm on Thursday, October 31st. There will be cash prizes for costumes.

Marianne called DDS and spoke with Janice Perry. DDS will cater our Holiday party. Tucker is on vacation and will be back next week. Marianne will talk to him then about cost and if it would be better to go with appetizers and deserts or a full luncheon menu.

Welfare Chair sent out 2 welcome letters to our two new library employees and 2 more bouquet of flowers were sent.

Pat reported 7 more scholarships given in the past month.

Monique and Juli are preparing a series of events over the next couple of months; the first one being the steam tunnel tour. The construction on the web page is continuing.

Deb reporting for the crafts fair-volunteers are needed to work the fair and Patrick Foley will be e-mailing out what positions will be available. John Crane has approved 1 hour of library time to work the fair. Barbara Kreiger will be creating the posters. Deb asked that everyone begin saving bags for the cash out table.

Furniture committee reports that the smoke filtration system has turned into smoke eaters instead and will be provided from FOM funds. So the committee has 6k to purchase furniture.

Beth reports that she has asked Richard Tucker to join the committee on Document of Authority and she will be looking for more volunteers.


The board discussed ideas on how to celebrate the DCLSA's 40th Anniversary. Cake and ice cream with coffee and tea is a possibility. When should it be held? Thursday, December 12 from 2 pm-3 pm in the 1902 room. The committee will look in to the cost of having a ribbon or button made for a remembrance. Motion was made to include the 40th anniversary with the Holiday Party so retirees and others may attend to celebration. Motion carried. The 40th will be celebrated with the Holiday Party on Friday, December 13.

Holiday Party money was approved at $2500.

Class of 1951 gift is for two departments, the Library Staff and the Dartmouth Players. The Board needs to decided by January what we would like to do. We could make it a Spring Event and the continuation of the 40th anniversary. Discussion was tabled until November.


Should the Mosaics subscription be renewed? Vote was nay.

Meeting adjourned at 3:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Debra Angoli

Revised: February 19, 1997 (mej)