September 11, 1996

Present: Debra Agnoli, Hazen Allen, Joyce Blunt, Cherie Burns, Mimi Curphey, Patrick Foley, Phyllis Gilbert, Juli Hincks, Danuta Jacob, Monique Jones, Lisa MacRae, Nancy Markee, Beth Rowden, Susanne Seemes-Dennis, Deb Sicard, Marianne Wilson


DCLSA biltzmail account now exists. Hazen Allen, Beth Rowden and Debra Agnoli, will monitor the mail box. Hazen will announce to the membership the existence of this mail box before weeks end.

The Program Committee has created a "new web page" for the DCLSA. Monique Jones and Juli Hinks, the co-chairs of the Program Committee, will present the Executive Board with a preview at the end of the meeting.

Committee reports-

Minutes were approved for August.

Treasurer's report was approved as submitted.

Marianne for the Social Committee- The Awards Banquet was a great success and came in under 1995's banquet cost by $96+ dollars. The Halloween Party and the Holiday Party will be discussed later in the meeting.

The Welfare Committee has welcomed 5 new employees to the library. Lisa reports 7 flower arrangements have been sent in the past month for various reasons.

It has been a busy month for the Scholarship Committee as well with 6 scholarships awarded.

Patrick Foley chairperson of the Crafts Fair reports the committee is still looking to invite more outside crafters. The committee will be meeting next week to discuss advertising and volunteers.

Suzanne reports that her committee is still waiting for the numbers on the cost of the exhaust fan for the staff room.


Joyce Blunt reports that $299.00 has been collected for Claire's picture. Meg has taken a picture of Claire's home and will be doing a sketch of it. So now that the Letter Book is finished we just need the opportunity to present it to her.

Documents of Authority and Standing Orders Committee will be chaired by Beth Rowden. The members include Debra Agnoli, Danuta Jacob, and of course Hazen Allen. Beth will blitzmail the membership asking for 2-3 more volunteers. Beth predicts the committee beginning it's work after the 1st of the year. The current committee chairs will need to provide their procedural documents for discussion.

The Class of 1951 donation discussion has been tabled until the next meeting.


Monique and Juli presented the DCLSA Web Page to the Executive Board. Member may e-mail the Program Committee with any ideas they may have for the page. The program committee would like to have a Mascot Competition for the Web Page kick off. The Executive Board congratulated Monique and Juli for a job well done and approved the use of the Web Page.

The 40th anniversary of the DCLSA is upon us. Should we have a party? What about a number of activities over a period a days? This matter will be discussed further at the next meeting.

Should we or should we not have a Halloween Party? If we do, where should it be held? The cost of prizes will be lowered to chocolate from Lindt, pumpkins, and bags of apples. And we should also think about having a separate contest of the children who attend.

In the interest of time a Special Executive Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 18, at 2 pm. The Halloween Party discussion has been tabled until that time.

Meeting adjourned at 3:32 pm.

Respectfully submitted
Debra Agnoli

Revised: February 19, 1997 (mej)