July 11, 1996

Present: Debra Agnoli, Hazen Allen, Joyce Blunt, Cherie Burns, Mimi Curphey, Pat Iacuzzi, Lisa MacRae, Nancy Markee, Suzanne Semmes-Dennis, Debra Sicard, Marianne Wilson, Marjy Whyte

The meeting convened at 2:20 pm

Hazen offered a brief introduction as new president. Reiterating the fact the all liaisons are invited to attend all executive board monthly meetings. The board values their input and they are needed for feedback and communication back to the individual departments. Hazen does not feel the need to change the informality of the meetings.

The board also discussed meeting times for the next year. Hazen will query the members not present today and get back to us with a more or less permanent schedule.

The tentative dates for the membership general meetings are as follows-Fall meeting will be held on Thursday, December 12 and the Spring meeting will be held on Thursday, June 12.

There is still a vice-president vacancy-if no one comes forward who is willing to take the position, should we have an open ballot during the Fall meeting? Perhaps ask members from the underrepresented departments if they would be interested. The board also noticed that there are no API's participating in the LSA any more.

All previous committee chairs and members have agreed to continue in their positions for the next year. The only vacancy is the program committee chair.

Hazen met with John Crane to express the memberships concern of under-representation on the Library Building Committee for the new Berry Library. John assured Hazen that the architect will be visiting each department in turn and that would be the time to discuss issues with them. They also discussed the possibility of all members being able to go to meeting at the same time. John said that this was pretty much an impossibility since we are a service oriented organization. The concern over staff morale was raised, again John assured Hazen that the Library Administration was taking all of issues under advisement. He did say however that the Class of '51 offers each year $1000.00 in tickets for a department to use for the purchase tickets to a Hopkins Center event. This year the Library receives this money and will probably be going to an event in May 1997.

Furniture for both of the Baker staff rooms has been budgeted. The Executive Board will be responsible for forming a Furniture Committee to meet with John and Corky. Suzanne Semmes-Dennis volunteered as chair and Mimi offered Goodie Corriveau as one of its members. Hazen felt we who need 3 or 4 more members from Baker to complete the committee.

Minutes were approved for June.

Treasurer's report approved as submitted.

Welfare has received thank you notes from various LSA members.

Jeanne Hatch declined a retirement party.

Claire Packard also does not want a retirement party. However they will be a "Letter Book" presented to her. Each department will be receiving paper on which to express their congratulations to Claire.

Marianne for the Social Committee-Awards Banquet is on Wednesday, September 11 at Collis Common Ground. She is looking into places to cater the event.


Continued discussion of the by-laws. Perhaps a FAQ on the Bulletin Board?

Next meeting place and time to be announced.

Meeting adjourned at 3:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Debra Agnoli

Revised: September 13, 1996 (mej)