May 2014 News Spotlight

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Creativity Abounds Within the Dartmouth College Library Staff; What New Mug Ideas Will Come Forward?

Below is a sampling of innovative pursuits that our co-workers are involved with:

Cartoonists and graphic artists are on hand in the form of two night supervisors at the Baker Berry Library (Bryan Stone and Michael Rodriquez). We have entertaining and talented ukulele players through the Jones Media Center’s Anthony Helm and the Biomedical Library’s Chris Curtis. They have been known to treat us to a few songs at DCLSA social events. Many colleagues practice artistic cooking widely: look online at the DCLSA cookbook for great examples of this!

Lauren Walter (Resource Sharing) won an honorable mention at the recent edible book contest for her Maltese Falcon entry. “Creativity in the kitchen is great,” she explains, “enjoying the food is half the fun and it can be forgiving as long as you can eat your creations!”

Access Service’s Holly Johnson studied art in college and specialized in printmaking. She was inspired by finger-painting with chocolate syrup as a very young child. Holly painted underwater scenes in oil when she was 3-5 years of age. Her work area at Dartmouth is decorated with prints, and one beautifully depicts her family house in Jackson, NH during the autumn.

Sarah Tischer-Sculley (Jones Media Center) currently instructs Shirley Zhao (Kresge Library) to knit in a long-standing lunchtime group. Emily Wheeler (Resource Sharing) is part of that group and she remarked that it is fun chatting and keeping hands busy; she was very glad to stumble upon the meetings.

Brenda Delaney (Library Admin) has been knitting since age 8 or 9 when her mother taught her. Now she quilts regularly and continues the mother-daughter bond, ever since giving her own daughter her first completed creation. She defines the best aspect of the whole process as witnessing friendly reactions to finished pieces. Brenda frequently undertakes creative endeavors during lengthy bus commutes, to and from the library.

Richard Miller (Access Services Student Supervisor) has been actively working on a literary pursuit since 2012. His book title: The Shared Legacy; folk art in America was born from an exhibition he curated a while back. The book will be coming out soon with some scheduled speaking engagements to follow.

Barbara Sterling (Acquisition Services) has contributed photographs to the Dartmouth Artworks project and to Hanover’s Howe Library exhibition, in the past. She pursues photography for pleasure, but getting ready for an exhibit takes extra time. She currently explores new mobile applications that allow the user to apply filters, adjust settings and tweak backgrounds in order to enhance everyday photos.

Whatever your original talents are and wherever your inventive side takes you…..consider entering the DCLSA mug redesign contest! It’s a great way to welcome new co-workers to the library when they receive their free mug with your new design, courteous of the DCLSA! Also, you could win a $50.00 gift card while showcasing your talent!


The DCLSA is running a Mug Redesign Contest, and we're looking forward to your entries!

Mugs have traditionally been given to new employees as a welcome gift from the DCLSA. Time to give those mugs a facelift! The New Design will be featured on a mug and given to new employees from the DCLSA. An award will be given to the winner of the design contest.

Please visit our website for contest rules and a submission form: /~library/home/committees/dclsa/mug_redesign.html

Thank you!

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