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Keep Moving to Keep All Your Muscles Strong, from DCLSA’s Marketing Team       


We all know that exercise is good for us, right? Read Spark (Ratey and Hagerman, 2008) to gain a new perspective on the positive benefits for your brain. Exercise changes your chemistry. A protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is unleashed when we get our blood pumping and “nourishes neurons like fertilizer.” Studies have shown that the rate of learning increases after exercise. For example, “researchers found that people learned vocabulary words 20% faster following exercise than they did before.” (p. 45) It also acts as a trigger to increase the growth of new cells. Exercise also is proven to be better than medication for stress and other disorders and keeps your immune system strong. In short, “The best advice is to get fit and then continue challenging [yourself]. The prescription for how to do that will vary from person to person, but the research consistently shows that the more fit you are, the more resilient your brain becomes and the better it functions both cognitively and psychologically. If you get your body in shape, your mind will follow.” (p. 247) Now get moving!


‘Maintain muscle mass & live longer,’ really? On March 18, Sean Kinney of the Huffington Post reviewed a recent publication from the February 18 edition of the American Journal of Medicine. Lead author Srikanthan P Karlamangla, MD reported that over 3,500 individuals in a 6-year period were analyzed to determine longevity of life,health wellness,and the impact of muscle mass index rather than body mass index. A further review of the same individuals was conducted 10 years later, focusing on muscle mass index. It was determined that increased muscle mass was more closely associated with lower instances of premature death than less body fat. So do I have to be at the gym, pumping iron everyday? No, just keep moving! It’s less about trimming-down, and more about maximizing and maintaining healthy muscles. So let’s improve our body’s composition and Move IT!


Library staff have been busily preparing for the Move IT program. Nearly 45 people have signed up on five different teams. Goodie Corriveau, our wellness ambassador will be offering a DCLSA wellness program with Dave Peckinpaugh on April 10th. Stay tuned for details about getting motivated to exercise and use devices such as FitBits to assist in your quest. It’s not too late to sign up and join as it’s time to get in the “spirit” and MOVE IT!

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