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The president sets agendas for and runs the regular board meetings, as well as the special spring meeting and fall awards banquet. The president is also an ex-officio member of all committees. The president is a voting officer of the DCLSA Executive Board. The president is automatically given a spot on the DCLSA board during the year following his or her term.


The president must have an awareness of the overall timetable for the entire year and ensure that there is adequate time for discussing, planning, and organizing DCLSA activities and events. The president will schedule and set agendas for monthly board meetings and special meetings as necessary to meet those requirements.

The president sets the agenda for all general meetings. The constitution requires the reports of all committees and the report of the treasurer to be given at these meetings. Additional agenda items will be determined by the board and set by the president.

The president is expected to officiate at all board and general meetings including the Annual Spring Meeting.

The president corresponds with library staff regarding major DCLSA activities and events (including Holiday party, Awards Banquet and General Meeting, but excluding Nominations and Elections which is the duty of the Vice President).

The president is an ex-officio member of all DCLSA committees. As an ex-officio member of all committees the president is able to help make sure that each committee has the resources to accomplish their assigned tasks. If they do not have those resources it is up to the president to try to provide the resources or to assist the committee in meeting their needs in an alternate manner. It is NOT the job of the president to do the tasks assigned to the committee, only to assist them as needed.

The president ensures that there are liaisons with all major departments and that there are chairs for all committees. Each July the president shall contact all committee chairs and liaisons to confirm whether or not they would like to continue with their duties. If any liaison or committee chair would like to step down the president must seek replacements for those positions. Liaisons are essential to the success of the board, they provide an important means of communication with staff as well as providing a human face for the board.

For the annual awards banquet, the president is responsible for the following: signing all awards, coordinating with presenter of awards (generally the Librarian of the College) who also needs to sign them, giving brief speech, and reading the names of awardees.

The president ensures that a suitable communications infrastructure exists for the organization. New technologies may arise to assist in communication and should be explored. The president shall, with the board, seek to improve communication as needed.

The president shall monitor the DCLSA email box himself/herself, keep the board informed or any major correspondence, and respond to messages as needed.

Duties broken down by month:

  • Meet with new officers
  • Make sure Liaisons are Set (email each current liaison to make sure they still want to be liaisons. Contact dept. head to fill vacancies. Each department should have a liaison to represent them.)
  • Update website new officers; update blitz mail group list for DCLSA (ask DCLSA Web master to do this); update DCLSA feedback link email list to include current President, VP, Treasurer, and Recorder only (contact DLTG to request additions and removals from this list)
  • Plan events for summer
  • Awards Banquet Planning
  • Finalize Awards Banquet
  • Assign tasks: gifts, invitations, venue
  • Awards Banquet
  • Set date for following year’s awards banquet
  • Start planning Crafts Fair
  • Start planning Holiday party
  • Holiday Committees setup
  • Venue?
  • Budget?
  • Food Drive?
  • Decorating, Setup, Punch,
  • Breakdown, Gifts?
  • Final work Crafts Fair
  • Crafts Fair
  • Holiday Party Prep cont'd
  • Holiday Party
  • Food Drive?
  • Report on Crafts Fair
  • Planning for more events
  • Holiday Party reports
  • Elections, preplanning
  • Decide on Spring Event
  • Elections, (vice president will organize)
  • Spring event?
April - May
  • Elections
  • Spring Meeting (at which winners of election are announced and introduced)

Helpful Skills:

Good interpersonal skills.
Enjoys and is skillful at public speaking.
Familiarity with oracle calendar scheduling for groups.

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Vice-President/President Elect

The vice-president/president elect position is a three-year term. The first year is as vice-president, the second year is as president, and the third year as a member of the board.

The vice president assists the president in his/her duties. In the absence of the president, the vice president shall perform the duties of the president. The vice president handles duties relating to nominations and elections of new board members. The vice president is also the president elect.


The vice president will officiate at all regular and special meetings of the DCLSA Executive board in the absence of the president.

The vice president is a voting officer of the DCLSA Executive Board offering input, suggestions, making proposals, and voting on proposals.

The vice president will assist the president in his/her duties.

The vice president will assist the board and committees in carrying out their duties.

The vice president serves as the chairperson of the Nominating Committee. S/he shall select a group of people to make up the committee. The committee will call for nominations for open positions on the executive board, generate a slate of candidates from the nominees who are willing to run for office, create (or have created) an online ballot, open the ballot for voting on the second Tuesday of May, tabulate results (or have results automatically generated), determine the results, and notify the board and candidates of the results. Official announcement of results will be announced at the annual spring meeting.

Election Timeline and Tips

Elections are held the second Tuesday in May, and run for one week. Nominations are held for two weeks and are held three weeks prior to the elections.

Second Week in April: You can create a test ballot if you like. There is no way to delete a test ballot, as of now, but there is no harm in creating one.
  • Email dltg@cloud.dartmouth.edu if there are any problems with the ballot
Three weeks before the elections:(It’s good to give yourself three weeks so that you have two weeks to collect nominations, and one week to compile them and contact the nominees to see if they accept).
  • Create a folder in the DCLSA mailbox for your nominations
  • Send an email out to the library group, informing them that elections will be held the second Tuesday in May (whatever that date is) and ask for nominations to any open positions. They should go to the following link to nominate: https://library.dartmouth.edu/mail/send.php?to=dclsa
  • Send reminders as you like; definitely one the day before or the day that the nominations end.
One to two weeks before the elections:
  • Compile results of nominations in a spreadsheet and email each of the people nominated to see whether they accept the nomination. *hint* it will be easier to track responses if you create one subject heading for each position, and then put all the names on one email (repress recipient list). If one person is nominated for more than one position, you can send them more than one nomination. Remember, though, that they can only accept for one position at a time.
  • Send one reminder message to each person you do not hear back from them a few days before the election.
  • Create ballot: https://library.dartmouth.edu/vote/admin/
  • When creating the official ballot, there is a section for "Ballot Administrators." In this section, add the the names of the current executive board, to include officers and members-at-large. The list you enter here will determine who can view the voting results.
Day of elections:
  • Send email to library group explaining that the ballots are open for one week. Send the URL of the ballot you have created.
  • Also at some point, you should email the board to let them know they can follow the results of the elections if they wish: https://library.dartmouth.edu/vote/admin/

Sample messages:

For nominating:

Elections for the Dartmouth College Library Staff Association will be held in May.

Please go to this link to nominate:


On this form, please indicate the name of the person, and position to which you are nominating that person. Elections will be held on May 13th. Nominate as many people as you like, including yourself, for any of the open positions!

The Association is seeking nominations for:

VICE PRESIDENT/PRESIDENT ELECT: This is a two year term; one year as Vice President, followed by a year as President. The outgoing president is also automatically on the board for one year after his/her tenure.

TREASURER (one year term)

RECORDER (one year term)

MEMBER AT LARGE (three-year term)

MEMBER AT LARGE (two-year term)

These elected officers, along with chairs of the standing committees, constitute the executive board of the DCLSA.

The DCLSA is always looking for new ideas and new perspectives. If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in assisting the DCLSA in its mission by running for office, please submit nomination via: https://library.dartmouth.edu/mail/send.php?to=dclsa

Thank you for supporting your staff association.

Name DCLSA Vice-President


To inform nominee of nomination:

I'm pleased to let you know that you have been nominated as vice-president/president elect to the DCLSA board. You also have been nominated as a member-at-large.

The vice-president/president-elect is a two-year position; the first year is as vice-president, and the second year as president.

The vice-president officiates at meetings where the president is absent, and is the head of the nominating committee for the elections that will take place the following year.

The president sets and runs the regular board meetings, as well as the special spring meeting and fall awards banquet. The president is also an ex-officio member of all committees.

The purpose of the Association is A. To promote staff welfare, morale, staff relations and knowledge by: 1. Providing opportunities for greater interchange of information between Library Staff members on topics of common interest. 2. Assisting to maintain a communication avenue between the Library Staff and Library Administration, the Dartmouth College Staff Association, and the Dartmouth College Administration. 3. Promoting social relationships among the staff members through welcoming new staff and organizing social and other appropriate activities. B. To promote goodwill in the community.

Members-at-large usually serve a 3-year term; this year we also have a 2-year term position open. These members attend the regular board meetings and offer input and suggestions.

For more information about the DCLSA, please visit the DCLSA web site: /~library/home/committees/dclsa/ Also feel free to ask me any questions.

Please respond to this email and let me know as soon as possible whether we can add your name to our list of candidates for vice-president/president elect or as member-at-large.

Thank you,
DCLSA Vice-President


When ballots are open:

The ballots are open! Please take a moment to go to the url below and vote for your colleagues!


Elections will be open for one week. They will end on Tuesday May 20th, so please vote now!

Results will be announced at our spring meeting, scheduled for June 4th at 1:30pm in the 1902 room. We will again be serving ice cream at our spring meeting this year!

Thank you for voting, and good luck to everyone on the ballot!

DCLSA vice president


To inform election winners:

Good afternoon.

All of you have been elected to the DCLSA Board for 2008-2009. We will formally announce your positions at the Spring Meeting on June 4th in the 1902 room at 1:30.

I hope you can all come.

Thank you for making the commitment to the DCLSA, and congratulations!

DCLSA vice president


To inform those who did not win:

Good morning,

The DCLSA elections are complete. Although you received many votes, others received the majority.

Thank you so much for volunteering to be on the ballot and please consider helping with other DCLSA activities throughout the year.


Also see the section in the constitution having to do with the nominating committee:

“The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for drawing up a slate of candidates who are willing to run for each office. Provisions for write-in candidates shall also be included on the ballot. The ballot shall be sent to each member of the Dartmouth College Library Staff Association for voting on the second Tuesday of May. The ballots shall be returned to the Nominating Committee for tabulation and the election results shall be announced. Responsibilities of the newly elected Officers shall commence on July 1.

A. No member of the DCLSA may run for more than one office on the Executive Board during a general election. No officer (including Members-at-Large) may run for a different office until the year their current term expires.

B. No officer of the Executive Board may hold more than one office simultaneously.”

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The Recorder is an elected, one-year position. The recorder keeps minutes at all general, special and board meetings. The recorder shall have a minimum of one week to transcribe the minutes and email them to the DCLSA board for approval. These minutes may be approved via email by members of the board. The minutes of all meetings will be posted on the DCLSA Web site following approval by the executive board. The recorder is an officer of the executive board and a voting member of the DCLSA.

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The treasurer is an elected, one-year position. The treasurer collects and keeps a record of all monies of the Association. The treasurer pays bills according to DCLSA guidelines and DCLSA board approved functions. The welfare committee chair may use the DCLSA debit/credit card to pay for welfare related expenses. The treasurer writes checks for scholarships after notification from the scholarship chairperson. The treasurer writes a check or uses debit/credit card for "in memory" gifts, and also writes checks for staff departures when asked to do so by the departing staff members’ department liaison or manager. The DCLSA credit/debit card may be used by other board members, such as social committee members, to purchase staff awards certificates, food, decorations, paper products or to pay for an outing or event not located on campus. The treasurer will write a check for reimbursement for purchases made by staff members for either social events or "staff" kitchen purchases. The treasurer ensures that the proper funds are kept in the College chart string account so funds may be drawn from this account to pay for College related expense (such as rental fees for rooms or equipment). A report of financial transactions will be given at all regularly scheduled meetings. Additionally, the treasurer may be called upon to give suggestions as to how money is spent, and what budget should be allocated to different events. The treasurer is a voting member of the DCLSA Executive board

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DCLSA Members-at-large

The DCLSA has 6 members-at-large. Two members-at-large are elected each year to serve a three year term. Members-at-large are part of the executive board of the DCLSA. They attend monthly meetings, offer input, and vote on board issues. They are voting members of the DCLSA. In addition to being members-at-large, they may help out on committees or working groups.

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DCLSA Liaisons

Liaisons represent each department of the library. Liaison is a voluntary, not elected position, and is a one-year position. After each year, each liaison will be contacted by the new president of the DCLSA to confirm whether they will continue serving as liaison of if they prefer for someone else to take their place, at which point the head of the department will be contacted. Liaisons notify the welfare committee chair of any occasions requiring acknowledgement by the DCLSA with flowers or donations. This includes births, adoptions, deaths, marriages, illnesses, civil unions, and departures. They disseminate information to their department as requested (i.e., put up posters when asked, etc.). They may attend meetings if they wish, and they may vote along with the board, if they wish.

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Each committee consists of at least one chair, and each is voluntary. The standing committees are Welfare, Social, Scholarship, Program, Crafts Fair, Website and Marketing, and Finance. Additional committees may be added at the board’s discretion.

Welfare Committee

The welfare committee welcomes new members and arranges for flowers, cards, or contributions for staff members to acknowledge births, illnesses, bereavements, weddings/civil unions, and departures, following the general guidelines set in the DCLSA policies. It is the responsibility of the library liaisons to notify the welfare committee chair of any acknowledgement needs. The welfare committee chair then arranges for the flowers or donation, pays for it with the DCLSA credit card, and notifies the treasurer. The chair must also maintain a log of flowers or donations sent, remind the staff to contact their liaison when they wish something be sent, and send a letter of welcome to new employees.

The welfare chair is a voting member of the executive board who attends board meetings, and gives reports at board and general meetings. Welfare committee members are voting board members.

Social Committee

The purpose of the Social Committee is to handle arrangements for any Library social gathering, such as the holiday party, the awards banquet and other social events as voted upon and within a budget determined by the board. They find and hire caterers, plan menus, oversee setup and cleanup of all social events. They oversee advertising and invitations to events, with assistance from the marketing committee. They may request assistance from all library employees for set up and cleanup, etc. for events; not just DCLSA board members.

The Social Committee chair is a voting member of the executive board who attends board meetings, and gives reports at board and general meetings. Social Committee members are voting board members.

Social Committee Event Documentation

Scholarship and Award Committee

The DCLSA Scholarship Committee is responsible for administering the Scholarship Fund and granting scholarships to eligible staff members according to the scholarship program guidelines. The Scholarship Committee maintains guidelines for the scholarship program under the direction of the DCLSA board. Changes to the scholarship program shall be approved by majority vote of library staff. The Scholarship Committee keeps records of all scholarships, requests reimbursement payments for library staff with eligible scholarships from the DCLSA treasurer, gives a report of all scholarships given between regular meetings at each Executive Board Meeting, and is a voting member of the executive board. The Scholarship Committee presents an annual report of all scholarships given during the fiscal year to library staff at the annual Spring Meeting, develops an awareness of trends in scholarships and advises the DCLSA Board of these trends, and recommends changes to the scholarship guidelines as appropriate.

Program Committee

The Program Committee plans and schedules activities for library employees, within the approved budget, at least 4 times a year. The Program chair may advertise events her/himself via email and posters, or may call upon the Marketing and Website Committee for assistance. The Program Committee chair is a voting member of the executive board who attends board meetings and gives reports at board and general meetings. Program Committee members are voting board members.

Crafts Fair Committee

The DCLSA holds an annual, community-wide crafts fair to generate money for scholarships and other DCLSA-sponsored activities. It is the chair’s responsibilities to select and book the venue, advertise and line up vendors, solicit library volunteers to set up and clean up, and keep track of the money collected and coordinate payment of all expenses with the DCLSA treasurer. The Crafts Fair Committee chair is a voting member of the executive board who attends board meetings and gives reports at board and general meetings. The Crafts Fair Committee members are voting board members.

Marketing and Website Committee

The Marketing and Website Committee promotes the activities of the DCLSA and maintains the DCLSA Website. Typical activities include creating posters, designing invitations, posting to the library website and social media, as needed and requested. This committee will also coordinate with the DCLSA Archive Committee to keep an archive of DCLSA materials housed in Rauner. The Marketing and Website Committee chair is a voting member of the executive board who attends board meetings and gives reports at board and general meetings. Marketing and Website Committee members are voting board members.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee supports the mission of the DCLSA; promotes staff welfare, morale, staff relations, and knowledge; and promotes goodwill in the community through activities and outreach. The committee does this by monitoring the financial standing of the DCLSA and offering recommendations in regards to spending.

The Finance Committee recognizes the changes occurring with the College's financial situation and models the financial reporting of the DCLSA to reflect the College's practices. The Committee follows standard, good business practices and reporting. The bookkeeping procedures are of a transparent nature and will allow the DCLSA to respond to an audit in a timely manner.

The Finance Committee is made up of three members: the Chair, a member that has been recommended by the DCLSA board, and the Vice-President of the DCLSA.  A member will be recommended to the Finance Committee by the DCLSA board every June.  No one shall serve simultaneously as a member of the Finance Committee and as Treasurer of the DCLSA.  With the exception of the Vice-President, each member serves for a two-year term.  At the end of the Chair’s second year, the existing member will become chair and a new member will be asked to serve on the committee.  However, an individual, who has served for a two-year term, can immediately be recommended to serve on the Finance Committee without an interruption in service.

The Finance Committee chair is a voting member of the executive board who attends board meetings and gives reports at board and general meetings.

Finance Committee meeting minutes

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