Executive Board and Liaisons

President Greg Potter Research & Instruction Services
Vice President/President Elect Ilana Grallert Rauner Special Collections Library
Recorder Katie DeFord Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences Library
Treasurer Barbara Sterling Acquisitions Services
Mary Bingman Access & Delivery Services (term ends June 2017)
Dennis Brown Access & Delivery Services (term ends June 2017)
Bruce Wiedrick Access & Delivery Services (term ends June 2018)
Jane Quigley Kresge Physical Sciences Library (term ends June 2018)
Jennifer Green Digital Scholarship (term ends June 2019)
Katie Harding Kresge Physical Sciences Library (term ends June 2019)
Committee Members
Program Committee

Memory Apata

Paddock Music Library
Scholarship and Award Committee Tracey Dugdale (chair) Acquisitions Services
Social Committee

Marianne Densmore; Greg Potter


Acquisitions Services; Research & Instruction Services
Welfare Committee Julie McIntyre (chair) Acquisitions Services
Marketing and Website Committee

Loey Crooks (chair)

Access & Delivery Services
Craft Fair Committee Greg Potter (chair) Research & Instruction Services
  Marianne Densmore Acquisitions Services
Finance Committee Brenda Delaney (chair) Library Administration Office
clear dot Rick Hansen (ex officio) Access & Delivery Services
Archives Committee Ilana Grallert (Chair) Access & Delivery Services
   Curtis J. Hill  Records Management
Departmental Liaisons
Acquisitions Services Goodie Corriveau
Research & Instruction Services Greg Potter
Records Management Curtis J. Hill
Access & Delivery Services Loey Crooks
Dana Biomedical Library Stephanie Hill
Dartmouth Library Depository (DLD) David Sandberg
Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences Library Jeremy Klockars
Cataloging and Metadata Services Rosalie Vanasse
Digital Library Technologies Group Joe Montibello
Feldberg Business & Engineering Library Phyllis Nemhauser
Jones Media Center & Evans Map Room Hazen Allen
Kresge Physical Sciences Library Karen MacPhee
Library Administration Office Brenda Delaney
Paddock Music Library Memory Apata
Preservation Services Lauren Melgoza
Rauner Special Collections Library Ilana Grallert