I. Name VI.Duties of the Executive Board
II. Purpose VII. Committees and Their Duties
III. Membership VIII. Liaisons and Their Duties
IV. Meetings IX. Amendments
V. Officers, Members-at-Large, and Their Election X. Rules of Order

Section I. The name of this organization is the DARTMOUTH COLLEGE LIBRARY STAFF ASSOCIATION.
Section I. The purpose of the Association is:
A. To promote staff welfare, morale, staff relations and knowledge by:
  1. Providing opportunities for greater interchange of information between Library Staff members on topics of common interest.
  2. Assisting to maintain a communication avenue between the Library Staff, Library Administration, and the Dartmouth College Library Staff Association.
  3. Promoting social relationships among the staff members through welcoming new staff and organizing social and other appropriate activities.
B. To promote goodwill in the community through activities and outreach.
Section I.
Membership in the Association is open to all members of the Staff and Administration of the Dartmouth College Library. There are no membership fees or requirements, other than being an employee of the Dartmouth College Library.
Section I. The Association will hold a general public meeting in the Spring, and other meetings as necessary. Notice will be given two weeks in advance of each meeting.
Section II. The Spring meeting is designated the Annual Meeting. The meeting will include, but not be limited to, the officers' reports and the introduction of the newly elected officers.
Section III. Special meetings in a public or virtual forum may be called on the initiative of the Executive Board or upon the petition of five or more members.
Officers, Members-at-Large, and Their Election
Section I. The Officers of the Executive Board of the Association consists of a President, Vice- President/President elect, Recorder, and Treasurer.
Section II. The term of office is one year for the officers. Two members-at-large are elected each year to serve a three year term.
Section III. The officers, members-at-large, and the chairpersons of the standing committees and outgoing President constitute the Association Executive Board.

In cases where members of the executive board are consistently unable to participate in the DCLSA, an alternate officer may be appointed to take his or her place until the next general election.
Section IV. The Nominating Committee, chaired by the vice-president, is responsible for drawing up a slate of candidates who are willing to run for each office. The ballot will be sent to each member of the Dartmouth College Library Staff Association for voting on the second Tuesday of May. The ballots will be returned to the Nominating Committee for tabulation and the election results will be announced. Responsibilities of the newly elected Officers commence on July 1.
A. No member of the DCLSA may run for more than one office on the Executive Board during a general election. No officer or Member-at-Large may run for a different office until the year their current term expires.
B. No member of the Executive Board may hold more than one elected position simultaneously. However, any elected member of the executive board may also serve on a committee.
Duties of the Executive Board
Section I. The President establishes a schedule for and officiates at all regular and special meetings. The President facilitates all activities of the DCLSA as needed. The President also serves as an ex-officio member of all committees.
Section II. The Vice-President/President-elect officiates during the absence of the President and serves as Chairperson of the Nominating Committee. In the event that neither the president nor vice-president are available, a member of the executive board shall take charge as necessary.
Section III. The Recorder keeps minutes at all general, special and board meetings. The minutes of all meetings will be posted following approval by the executive board.
Section IV. The Treasurer is an elected position which serves for one year and can be re-elected to serve 2 consecutive years. The Treasurer collects and keeps a record of all monies of the Association and shall, upon authorization of the Executive Board, pay all legitimate bills of the Association. A report of financial transactions will be given at all regularly scheduled meetings.
Section V. Between general meetings of the Dartmouth College Library Staff Association, the Executive Board will hold meetings as necessary to transact all business.
Section VI. The Executive Board will fill any vacancy arising in its own membership. The person chosen will hold office until the next general election.
Committees and Their Duties
Section I. Standing Committees are the following.
A. The Welfare Committee welcomes new members and arrange for flowers, cards, or contributions to acknowledge births, illness, marriages or civil unions, graduations or bereavements for Staff members.
B. The Social Committee handles arrangement for certain Library social gatherings, i.e. Holiday Party, Awards Banquet, and other social events as voted upon.
C. The Scholarship Committee administers the Scholarship Fund granting scholarships to eligible members of the Staff.
D. The Program Committee sets up informal activities for Staff members.
E. The Crafts Fair Committee organizes the crafts fair fundraising activity.
F. The Web Site Committee maintains the DCLSA Web Site.
G. The Marketing Committee promotes the activities of the DCLSA.
H. The Finance Committee monitors the financial standing of the DCLSA and offers recommendations in regards to spending.
Section II. Additional standing committees and special committees may be appointed by the Executive Board as needed.
Section III. The Committee Chairpersons are appointed by the Executive Board. They choose their own committee members.
Liaisons and Their Duties
Section I.
Individual Library departments are represented by a Liaison as an ex-officio member of the Executive Board.
A. Each library department appoints a liaison to serve a term of at least one year.
B. Liaisons are invited to attend all general and Executive Board meetings.
Section II. Liaisons are responsible for communication and information dissemination to and from the Executive Board and their respective Library Departments.
Section I. This Constitution may be amended by two-thirds of votes cast, provided a notice of the article to be amended has been submitted to the members at least two weeks before the meeting or request for vote.
Section II. Amendments may be proposed by the Executive Board or upon petition by five percent or more members.
Rules of Order
Section I. The governing of the Association is based on Robert's Rules of Order, revised and/or Riddick's Rules of Procedure.


Adopted: 10/24/95

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