Library Staff Break Room Fund Guidelines

The DCLSA annual budget includes an allowance for staff break room maintenance needs, up to $100 per library. There are currently seven break rooms: Baker-Berry, Dana, Feldberg, Kresge, Matthews-Fuller, Paddock, and Storage. The DCLSA department liaisons communicate with the DCLSA about reimbursement for items purchased for their break room.

General Guidelines

  • Only non-consumable, non-disposable items should be purchased using this fund. Items meant to be used in a break room.
    • Examples of non-consumable/non-disposable items: microwave, coffee maker, cloth dish towel, stainless flatware.
    • Examples of items not allowed: dish soap, sponges, food, paper plates.
    • Any questions about non-consumable/non-disposable items should be directed to the DCLSA board.
  • Library liaisons should communicate with the DCLSA treasurer regarding desired purchase, keeping in mind the $100.00 limit. The treasurer will approve the purchase.
  • Once a library purchase is approved, a receipt for that purchase should be submitted to the DCLSA treasurer for reimbursement. A check for reimbursement will be written payable to the person submitting the request.
  • Monies in this fund, that are not used from year to year, may be used for other DCLSA events and funds, and should not accumulate in the Library Staff Break Room Fund.

Recommendation for Library Liaisons

Liaisons, please keep in mind that this fund should be used when a need arises.

Guidelines established 10 December 2009; updated 10 April 2012.