January 2014 News Spotlight


Spotlight on Food that Brings us all Together

Dartmouth College Library Staff Association (DCLSA) has many organized events and social gatherings throughout the year. Many of our occasions take place joyfully around food. Celebrating as a group is important and a wonderful way to meet people not seen every day.

Why not honor the very food that brings us together? We have a small digital cookbook online. Updating and expanding that cookbook is our current objective. We want you to enjoy reading library staff contributions. There will be healthy and caloric choices, humor and even the sharing of treasured family recipes.

Recently, twenty library staff were informally surveyed on the topic of food. We learned that 15 of them favored free food while 5 were against. We always enjoy a good pun and one staff member remarked, “throw me a bone,” while another reminded us that “there is no free lunch!”

17 library employees prefer free food during meetings, and 3 were against any snacks. Current studies suggest that motivation is derived from free food at work meetings. One individual was concerned that food might be disruptive, and we think it might be a good idea to consider the type of meeting before allowing food (as attention can often be misdirected from presentations).

Most people agreed that bringing people together in a holiday setting is a wonderful way to get to know co-workers. Our informal settings help to break the ice. Respondents mentioned that a variety of food options would be important. As such, an awareness of gluten restrictions, allergies and vegan preferences are important in potluck or catered meals. Most of us have a sweet-tooth, but having healthy options was a common desire mentioned. Lastly, among “free foodie followers,” leftovers from Salubre or Panera are treasured and cause many of us to sprint to the staff room to claim delicious treats!

Honoring library staff with an updated cookbook is our goal. We are sharing some of our newer cookbook submissions (click here to view our recipe book). Many more favorite dishes are needed to keep our book growing. Won’t you help us out?

Bon Appetit!


Presented by the DCLSA Marketing Committee

Mary Bingman

Rick Hansen

April Hayden