DCLSA December Spotlight

December Spotlight 2013

Library Celebrations Peak Interest in the DCLSA Cookbook

“Vixen” Marie Guerin and her stackster-in -crime Joanne “Prancer” Messineo brought out the non-paper plates and organized a sumptuous spread for the annual Baker-Berry Access Services Holiday Party on Thursday in the Treasure Room. All whom attended noted that it was a feast like none other.   Vegan offerings abounded, as the discerning diner could choose between Moroccan lentils with artisanal bread, herbed cauliflower, and hummus with Ms. Eileen Potts’ famous homemade crackers. Newbie chefs Andrea Kazilionis and Dave Sturges gave a strong showing with a very popular sweet potato casserole and homemade meat lasagna. We expect great things from them in the future.

Desserts were to die for. Dark chocolate cranberry pie, gluten free cookies, and a spectacular triple layer vanilla mousse cake, among other offerings, adorned the gift table. It was rumored that Michelle Lee and her cake had a near miss on her way to the festivities; lucky for us, the cake arrived in one mouth-watering piece! Sarah Thompson provided homemade chocolate, raspberry, and mint truffles. R. Todd Minsk thanked Pillsbury for his contribution. But in my humble opinion, Emily Wheeler’s really homemade pumpkin pie stole the show. Want the recipe? You’ll have to find a sunny spot in your yard, plant four pumpkin plants, and wait a few months!  A plentiful harvest later and after much processing and canning, a winning pie was born... Look for some of these recipes and more to come in our online DCLSA Cookbook!

No account would be complete without some mention of ye olde Yankee Swap. Imagine sweet-smelling candles, heirloom tree ornaments, baking supplies, and Beowulf. Proving that library employees have a superior sense of humor, a glass jar of “sugar” was not filled to the brim with candy but came packed with toothpaste and a toothbrush. Other popular, yet practical gifts included almonds, Dirt Cowboy coffee, a mug filled with teabags, and cable clamps. And let’s not forget the stress-relieving yellow ducks and Adventure Time figurine. The comic denouement was particularly satisfying. Marie Guerin’s “kiss me” frog adult footie pajamas were returned to her in a surprising final move by Dennis “the Grinch” Brown.   Then he packed up his disco ball and strode with his load down to the reserve desk to dump it. Seriously, though, folks, Dr. Seuss himself couldn’t have had a merrier time…   "Maybe Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!"

Article by April Hayden

Reviewed and Edited by Mary Bingman and Rick Hansen

All members of DCLSA’s Marketing Committee