Guidelines for Naming Templates in Millenium

The Millennium system has an unlimited number of templates available for staff use. Due to the unlimited number of templates available, finding templates can be difficult. Therefore, it is important that naming conventions be observed.

Templates are named with codes and descriptions.

1.) Codes may have up to 10 characters. Only alpha-numeric characters can be used. Dashes, ampersands, punctuation, etc. are not accepted by the system. The first three letters of the code must be one of the following sub-codes which correspond to your area:

ACC (Access Services)
ACQ (Acquisitions)
BAK (Baker Circulation)
BIO (Biomedical Libraries Circulation)
CAT (Cataloging/Metadata Services)
FEL (Feldberg Circulation)
JON (Jones Media Center)
KRE (Kresge)
PAD (Paddock Circulation)
PRE (Preservation)
RAU (Rauner)
RES (Reserves at all locations)

If there is some question about which three letters you should use, please e-mail

The remaining seven letters of the codes may be any combination of letters to help you remember what the template does.

2.) Descriptions may be up to 25 characters long.

Use this pattern when naming template descriptions:
filename NNN

"filename" = description of file contents (up to 24 characters)
"NNN" = creator's intials

For example:
supplement JXF

DO NOT DELETE OR RENAME TEMPLATES unless you are authorized to do so and have received permission from Millennium Coordinators.

If any saved template causes a problem, send a problem report to

Periodic Cleanups

Millennium Coordinators will be responsible for setting up a regular review procedure within their departments to ensure that

1.) the templates are still used, and
2.) fields in individual templates are up-to-date.

Periodically, the Millennium System Administrators may review the current list of templates. Templates that have been named contrary to the rules above may be deleted without warning.