Guidelines for Naming Saved Searches in Millennium

The Millennium system has 100 Saved Searches in the Review Files mode available for staff use.

For "Saved Searches" that need to be saved, file names should follow this pattern:
save NNN yymmdd filename

"save" means that the file will be saved until the creator deletes it
"NNN" = creator's initials
"yymmdd" = today's date
"filename" = description of file contents

For example:
save JXF 050309 foreign lang movie titles after 2003

For files which do not need to be saved for more than a week, file names should follow this pattern:
NNN yymmdd filename

Files with a date more than one week old, and which do NOT say "save" in the name, can be deleted by any user. Any file less than a week old, even if not marked "save," should not be deleted.

If any Saved Search causes a problem, send a problem report to

Periodic Cleanups

Millennium Coordinators will be responsible for setting up a regular review procedure within their departments to ensure that the search is still used.

Periodically, the Millennium System Administrators may review the current list of Saved Searches. Saved Searches that have been named contrary to the rules above may be deleted without warning.