Adding/Removing Branch Codes from Sierra

Requests to add, change, or remove a branch code come from Cataloging. Requests received from anywhere other than Cataloging must be referred to Cataloging who will assess the request.

Requests to add a branch code will be made via the web form. Requests to remove a branch code will be made via email to

Adding a branch

  1. Cataloging fills out the request form (see URL above).
  2. Cataloging adds the code and it's spine label translation to their web page.
  3. Ils-admin initiates the following add sequence:
    • 1st. Add the new code to the branch table using the translation supplied by the web form. The Circ address can be derived by viewing an existing branch code from that same library.
    • 2nd. The Library Systems Manager will add the entry to the Holding Symbol Table.
    • 3rd. Notify Access Services of the new code so they can make loan rules. [The default loan rule will be non-circulating until this is done unless the code matches a wild-carded branch already in the loan rule determiner table.]
    • 4th. Ask Access Services to add the branch to the appropriate Locations Served table.
    • 5th. Review the Request Rules file to see if this branch needs to be included in an existing rule entry. If so, the Library Systems Manager will add the branch to the appropriate place in the Request Rule file.
    • 6th. Ask DLTG to add to labels program.
    • 7th. If there is a library information page on the library website to link to from this branch code, then add the appropriate LOC_ entry to the WWWOptions file.
    • 8th. If the OPAC translation of the code is new and if items from this location are available for Borrow Direct, ask Borrow Direct to add the OPAC location to the list of locations available for BD. [The default action is unavailable.]
    • 9th. Tell Cataloging that the branch has been added. If Innovative has not added it to the Holding Symbol table, then still notify Cataloging that it is done but that you are waiting for that step to be completed.
  4. Cataloging adds the branch to the Maintain Record Links table.
  5. Cataloging asks Bill Fontaine to add the branch to the Catalog Help document.

Changing a branch

  1. Cataloging works with ils-admin to make any changes to branches or branch names.

Removing a branch

  1. Cataloging removes the branch from their branch/labels translation web page
  2. Cataloging asks Access Services to find out whether any item with this code has a hold on it, and if so, to remove the hold. Cataloging asks Access Services to recall all materials with this item that are checked out. Circulation may also wish to investigate whether any of the materials are marked Missing, Billed, or etc and whether removing the item will break any links to patron records.
  3. Cataloging asks Bill Fontaine to remove the branch from the Catalog Help document.
  4. Cataloging removes the branch from the Maintain Record Links table and runs the link maintenance process to rebuild the bib locations.
  5. Cataloging removes the code from item records and asks Acquisitions to remove it from order and checkin records.
  6. Cataloging emails ils-admin asking that the code be removed and ils-admin initiates the remove sequence:
    • 1st. Remove from BorrowDirect available list
    • 2nd. Systems Manager asks Access Services to remove the code from Locations Served, loan rule determiner.
    • 3rd. Systems Manager asks Innovative to remove the branch from the holding symbol table and the Request Rule file (if necessary.)
    • 4th. Remove branch from LOC_ entries in WWWOptions file.
    • 5th. Ask DLTG to remove from labels program.
    • 6th. Run a review file to make sure the branch does not appear in any item, order or checkin record. If it does, refer it back to Cataloging and tell them where to find the review file. Wait for Cataloging to say that all the records have been cleaned up.
    • 7th. LAST remove from branch code table
  7. Systems Manager tells Cataloging that the removal is completed.

Closing a branch library

If the removal procedure is being invoked because an entire library is being closed, the following additional steps should be taken.

Early in the process

  1. Remove the Library from web forms (for instance if the ILL form lists it as a pick-up location) [DLTG]
  2. Remove the Library from the New Acquisitions list generation. [DLTG]
  3. Remove the library from the web site, library maps [Library Systems Manager]

Later in the process

  1. Remove the Circulation address entry from Sierra [ils-admin]
  2. Remove from the Hold Pickup table in Sierra [Access Services]
  3. Remove library-specific circ notice text [Access Services]
  4. Remove any entries from the Loan Rule Determiner table which had that library represented with a wildcarded location. [Access Services]
  5. Remove the Locations Served table for that library [Access Services]
  6. Remove logins for that circ area [ils-admin]
  7. Remove from Statistics Group table [ils-admin]
  8. If login is the last login in its port group, restructure the pool and assign the ports to a different group. [ils-admin]

Last updated 4/13/16 CPT/JHM