Requesting Accounts and Authorizations in Sierra

The Basics

All requests for authorizations must be sent to


The Sierra/Innopac software's authorizations mode is both large and complex.  In order to more easily work with authorizations, each department with responsibility over a Sierra module created templates containing authorizations in broad categories by job duties.  When requesting a new account or a change to a current account, you should work with ils-admin in order to determine the template category which fits your needs.

Examples of categories are:

Access Services - Student Employee, Staff Supervisor, Patron Records/Billing Specialist, etc.
Acquisitions - New Staff, Basic, ERM, Invoicing, etc.
Cataloging - Student, Basic, Intermediate, Sierra Coordinators, etc.

Account or Authorization Requests

  1. ils-admin accepts requests for account creation, account deletion, account suspension, authorization additions or removals from supervisors or ils-admin members. Requests not originating from a supervisor, or a member of ils-admin, will be verified before being granted.
  2. Due to the nature of certain authorizations, ils-admin will notify certain departments when the following authorizations have been requested. For example:
    • Cataloging will be notified when the following authorizations have been requested:
      • 102 - Create Bibliographic Records
      • 122 - Create Item Records
  3. Because some authorizations have the potential to make sweeping, untraceable, potentially damaging changes to the database, ils-admin will seek permission for certain authorizations before they are granted. For example:
    • Access Services gives permission for patron and course records when requested by personnel outside of Access Services.
    • Acquisitions gives permission for order, checkin, vendor, fund, invoice, contact, resource, license, and holdings records when requested by personnel outside of Acquisitions.
    • Cataloging gives permission for bibliographic, item, and authority records when requested by personnel outside of Cataloging or Acquisitions.
    • NOTE: The separate function 025 - Delete Record of any Type may be granted only after permission is obtained from Cataloging, Acquisitions, and Circ and only if ALL say yes.
  4. Clarifying requested authorizations
    • If the SysAdmin is not clear about what authorizations are being requested, the SysAdmin will discuss with requesting supervisor and/or the Sierra Coordinators.
    • Asking for authorizations identical to another person is not appropriate. Asking for authorizations identical to a category on a template is.  If new templates are needed, consult with ils-admin.


  1. Item Update
    • Any staff given edit item privileges must be trained by Cataloging before receiving the edit authorization.
      • Upon receiving a request for edit authorizations, ils-admin will ask Cataloging to set up training.
      • Training will provide overview of database structure, etc. as well as basic edit instructions.
      • Trainer will e-mail ils-admin when they have made training appointments.
      • ils-admin will enable the "to be trained" functions after the training.
  2. Review Files
    • Access Services Staff
      • Access Services Supervisors and Access Services Coordinators will determine which Access Services staff need review file privileges. Other Access Services staff needing review files to be run should ask the Access Services Technology Coordinator.
    • All Other Staff
      • Staff in all other departments will work with the Millennium Coordinators in charge of their respective modules to receive training on review file etiquette and mechanics.