Patron problems

What if the ID doesn't work?

Patrons must be in the Millennium patron database in order to use Borrow Direct.

Access is based on Dartmouth ID Number, a 6-character number, found on the Dartmouth ID card. This number appears in the University ID field in the Millennium record and is indexed in the 'u' index in that database.

A small number of patrons are eligible for the service who do not have Dartmouth ID cards. For these patrons access is by library barcode which appears on their Dartmouth College library card. In the Millennium record, the barcode is input into both the University ID field AND the Barcode field. It must appear in the University ID field for the patron to receive access to Borrow Direct.

I've checked their record and the id field is fine, now what?

Only certain patron types are eligible for the service. This is designated by the patron's PTYPE in the Millennium system. The most likely cause of denial of service is that the patron is blocked in Millennium either because of a problem with their record, or they are delinquent.

Each term, when records are updated from the HRMS and BANNER systems, it is possible for records to be set, temporarily, to ineligible for borrowing due to missing data from the campus systems.The error ptype, 255, will have been inserted into the patron's record. These will be cleaned up centrally by the Millennium Circulation Coordinators.

The patron says they get this error: "The patron ID you entered is invalid for this library"

The patron will get this error if they mistype their Dart ID#.

If the patron record is in use in the Millennium system, the patron will get this error. The patron record could be in use in the following situations:

  • Circ desk staff is verifying patron data and has the record open
  • The patron just checked books out at a circ desk and the patron record hasn't been closed yet
  • The Millennium system is updating their record (circ notices, patron load at beginning of term)

If after these steps the patron number is still not accepted by the system, report this to MilCirc@mac.Dartmouth.EDU for further assistance.

Last updated 10/15/2009 JXF