Libcat set-up for Borrow Direct

Logins and authorizations

Login Name : bdirect
01 > Full Name : Borrow Direct
02 > User Password : <Passwd>
03 > Statistic Group : 50
04 > Printer IDs : 11
05 > Options Group : -
06 > Locations Served : -
07 > Keyboard Timeout : 300,60
08 > Selectterm File : VT100 No Bolding
09 > Group Name : circ
10 > Mail : NO
11 > Program to Invoke : Standard Mainmenu

These initials have been created for the Borrow Direct system.

LOC-SERVED: none PW DATE: 06-21-02 08:27AM
01. Circulation (40)
02. View bibliographic records (101)
03. View authority records (111)
04. View item records (121)
05. View order records (131)
06. View checkin records (141)
07. View summary list (151)

I have also created the login 'bdirect' which operates out of the circ port pool.

Ptypes and loan rules

Added the following PTYPEs:
034 > Borrow Direct
035 > DHMC Faculty/AP-I
036 > DHMC AP-II/Service

In order to account for transit times, I have increased the following values in the Borrow Direct loan rule from 35 to 50.
01 > NAME Borrow Direct

In the Loan Rule Determiner table

Add ptype 35 to any rule that includes ptype 2.
Add ptype 36 to any rule that includes ptype 5.

In patron blocks

Create an entry for ptype 35 by copying the entry for ptype 2.
Create an entry for ptype 36 by copying the entry for ptype 5.


BD has 5 simultaneous connections into the catalogs of Columbia and Yale. Can start with 2-3 for Dartmouth and see if more are needed.

Info from Howard Pasternack at Brown:

Epixtech and Borrow Direct are currently using 2 simultaneous sessions each full-time even when no one is on. These are for the telnet connections to do screen scraping and the connections are to the staff mainmenu. On our system, the z39.50 searches are considered by Innovative to be "public" and are covered by the unlimited licenses for public access. So this means that the Epixtech guest logons do not affect our port use. I don't really know what the port situation is when a user from elsewhere or from here wants to borrow. My guess would be that there need to be enough ports to accommodate all simultaneous users possibly in addition to the two there already are.

One thing I would do if I were you is create a separate group for all z39.50 sessions both from Epixtech and from elsewhere. The z39.50 sessions are not stateless, they do not show up in the Who is Logged On table, and they consume ports. Check in statistics in the Logons sections and you'll see how much you are getting hit. It will probably surprise you. Dave Snyder had the same port problem as you at Boston U and he solved by segregating the z39.50 sessions into a separate group.

Info from Bob Krall:

I'm stepping in over my head here, but I would tend to think that if 2 are enough for Brown, they should be enough for Dartmouth. Since it's only staff access we're concerned about, is it really likely that more that 2 Dartmouth staff would be attempting to interact between Borrow Direct and your circ. system at any one time? I see this interaction occurring only when B.D. transactions are: SHIPPED and COMPLETED (for the Charge and Discharge.) Brown also has interactions during the RECEIVED and RETURNED because of extended circulation, but at this time, Dartmouth will not be using extended circ. features.

Info from Peter Fripp (epixtech):

Normally we assign a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 connections with sites using Innovative and extended circ functions. The minimum of 2 connections means that there will always be 2 connections logged in. The system will automatically increment logged in connections, depending on usage, up to a maximum of 5. This happens very rarely and only when a system is extrememly busy a certain point in time. There is one Tripe-I location where we have increased this number (min 3 max 6) and that is at Sarasota County library in Florida which averages several hundred extended circ services daily.

The only time we have run across the "all ports in use" response is when we (Peter or myself) attempt to establish a new connection to perform map maintenance and the allotted ports are already connected.

Jennifer (to John James & Cyndy Pawlek)

Based on this information from epixtech, I recommend that we allocate 5 ports to BD. This means we need to purchase 3 ports to add to the two I've already stolen for this. If usage patterns indicate that all 5 are not in use regularly, we can direct one of them back to the circ pool which sorely needs them.

Barcodes for BD testing done by Dynix (formerly epixtech)

Unused barcodes

BorrowDirect Perm #1. 23311000198931.
BorrowDirect Perm #2. 23311000198840.
BorrowDirect Perm #3. 23311000198857.
BorrowDirect Perm #4. 23311000198865.
BorrowDirect Perm #5. 23311000198873.
BorrowDirect Perm #6. 23311000198881.
BorrowDirect Perm #7. 23311000198907.
BorrowDirect Perm #8. 23311000198899.
BorrowDirect Perm #9. 23311000198923.
BorrowDirect Perm #10. 23311000198972.

BorrowDirect Temp #1. 23311000198964.
BorrowDirect Temp #2. 23311000198956.
BorrowDirect Temp #3. 23311000198949.
BorrowDirect Temp #4. 23311000199038.
BorrowDirect Temp #5. 23311000199020.
BorrowDirect Temp #6. 23311000199012.
BorrowDirect Temp #7. 23311000199004.
BorrowDirect Temp #8. 23311000198998.
BorrowDirect Temp #9. 23311000198980.
BorrowDirect Temp #10. 23311000198915.

Last updated 4/16/03 JKM