Dartmouth Digital Publishing

The Dartmouth Library’s Digital Publishing Program focuses on providing open access, online publishing of scholarly publications that are created by Dartmouth faculty or students, or are published by Dartmouth. Selected digital exhibits and faculty-generated web-based collections of scholarly content are also in scope. Special programs include Student Led Publishing at Dartmouth.  All content published in this program is available online without charge. Please contact The Scholarly Communication, Copyright, and Publishing Program if you are interested in having a book,  journal or other scholarly work included in the Dartmouth College Library’s Digital Publishing Program or made available on the Dartmouth Digital Commons

Digital Publishing: JournalsJournals

The Digital Publishing Program supports several online-only scholarly journals that address a wide range of topics, including e-media studies and sustainable science.

Digital Publishing: BooksBooks

The Digital Publishing Program has a growing collection of books in electronic format, including novels and scholarly works. Our books can be downloaded directly from the library website.

Digital Publishing: ProjectsProjects

This section includes digital scholarly works that use the digital medium to address their subject matter in unique ways.