Collection Area

Journalism and all aspects of the Newspaper industry.

General Purpose

To support the Journalism course offered each Spring Term. At this time, the selector makes sures that whatever resources the instructor wants for the course are made available. The current instructor takes a more practical approach rather than a theoretical one. Therefore, we do not select how-to-write books for Journalism at this time. We select books that look at the history of the discipline and other resources such as documentary films.

Dartmouth College Program

There is no program at this time for Journalism. The English Department offers one couse every Spring Term. Women & Gender Studies Program had previously offered a course every other academic year.

General Subject Boundaries

The Library of Congress classification for Journalism is PN 4699 through PN 5650. We currently acquire University Press books through our approval plan.


Materials are collected in English although suitable materials in other languages would be acquired, if appropriate.

Geographic Areas

The coverage is worldwide in scope but there is more emphasis on the United States.

Types of Material Collected

We collect books and some documentary films. We also have a small collection of journal titles.

Format of Materials Collected

The types of formats include books, periodicals and DVD's and/or video tapes.

Other Resources Available

Journalism affects those disciplines that want primary documents for research.

LC Class

PN 4699 to PN 5650

Related Policies

English Language and Literature, Film, Television, Theater and Dance, History, Mass Media/Mass Communications, Television, Women's and Gender Studies


Lucinda M. Hall