The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College was founded in 1900. It was the first graduate school of its kind. Originally, the program was a 3/2 model, under which Dartmouth College undergraduates entered Tuck for their fourth year, then continued a fifth year to receive a Master of Commercial Science. By the 1950s, this emphasis changed and recruiting was directed toward older students with some work experience. In 1953 the degree was renamed Master of Business Administration. A thesis had been required from the beginning of the school, but was removed from the catalog of the school around 1947. The last theses were written in 1955. Some meaningful changes have occurred in the curriculum over the years. Business History and Agribusiness were offered for many years, but were dropped with the retirement of faculty members. Technology management, private equity/entrepreneurship, and global business were added to the curriculum.


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