Members 2017-2018

Council on the Libraries 2017-2018 Membership List

Dean of Libraries, Sue Mehrer

The Provost or his or her representative:
Associate Provost for Institutional Research, Alicia Betsinger

The Dean of College or his or her representative:
Dean of Undergraduate Students, Natalie Hoyt

Six members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (two from each division, from different departments):
Arts and Humanities: Associate Professor of German Studies, Veronika Fuechtner,
Arts and Humanities: Professor of English, Tom Luxon
Arts and Humanities: Professor of Studio Art, Esmé Thompson
Social Sciences: Associate Professor of Sociology, Janice McCabe  
Social Sciences: Professor of History, Walter Simons, Chair of Council on the Libraries 
Sciences: Professor of Biology, Erik Griffin
Sciences: Professor of Mathematics, David Webb

One member from each of the three Professional Schools:
Tuck School of Business: Associate Professor of Business Administration, Steven Kahl 
Geisel School of Medicine: Associate Professor of Surgery Section Chief, Division of Cardiac Surgery, Jock McCullough
Thayer School of Engineering: Professor of Engineering and Director, Master of Engineering Management Program, Geoffrey G. Parker

Three Students, two undergraduates and one graduate:
Undergrad Student: Nicholas Norwitz, D'18
Undergrad Student: Brooke Hadley, D'18
Graduate Student: Hunter Snyder

Non-voting Member:
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Mitch Davis