Members 2014-2015

Council on the Libraries 2014-2015 Membership List

Inge-Lise Ameer, Interim Dean of the College

Mark Borsuk, Associate Professor of Engineering, Thayer School of Engineering

William Fischel, Professor of Economics and Hardy Professor of Legal Studies (Spring 2015)

Brett Gamboa, Assistant Professor of English

Yi He, Undergraduate Student Representative

Doug Irwin, John Sloan Dickey Third Century Professor of Social Sciences (Fall 2014)

Steve Kahl, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Tuck School of Business

Joy Kenseth, Professor of Art History

James LaBelle, Professor of Physics and Astronomy,Chair (Winter/Spring Terms)

Mark McPeek, Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences

Glenda Shoop, Director of Curricular Design and Evaluation, Office of Medical Education, Geisel School of Medicine

Andrew Vacca, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Graduate Student Representative

Emily Walton, Assistant Professor of Sociology (Spring 2015)

Ex Officio Members

Jeff Horrell, Dean of Libraries and Librarian of the College

Eliz Kirk, Associate Librarian for Information Resources

David Seaman, Associate Librarian for Information Management

Jennifer Taxman, Associate Librarian for User Services

Ellen Waite-Franzen, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Martin Wybourne, Vice Provost for Research