Accession Call Numbers Shelflist Maintenance

Shelflist Memo 10/95


Describes maintenance policy for Special Collections and Cataloging and Metadata Services shelflists.


The shelf list housed in Special Collections will be the shelf list of record for the collections generated solely by that department, including Alumni. When catalogers assign accession-type call numbers for Special Collections materials, they should check the manual shelf in that department and deposit a temporary shelf list card; it would be useful to note the bib. number on the card. The Special Collections Metadata Specialist will file the system-generated shelf list cards (i.e. sticky labels) when he/she receives them.

The shelf list housed in Cataloging and Metadata Services will be the shelf list of record for materials given accession-type call numbers but generated by more than one library. These materials include realia, videotape, microfilm and microfiche, phonotape, CD-ROM, videodisc, computer diskette, slides, and iconography; this mandate does not apply to those types of materials when they are given LC call numbers. Catalogers should file temporary shelf list cards, recording the bib. number, for each of these types of materials in the Bibliographic Records shelf list. System-generated shelf list cards will not be filed in the Bibliographic Records shelf list; they will be filed in the shelf lists maintained by the libraries or departments where these materials are shelved.