Location Tables: Library Location Codes

Note: Fields with no values have intentionally been left blank.

Location CodeLocation in CatalogCall Number LabelLibrary
BAAJ Baker Berry Japan Japan Baker-Berry
BAAO Baker Berry Japan Oversize Oversize Japan Baker-Berry
BAAQ Baker Berry Acq Office Acquis. Offices Baker-Berry
BAAR Baker Berry Japan Ref Japan Ref. Baker-Berry
BABC Baker Berry Catalog Offic Catalog Office Baker-Berry
BABR Baker Berry Book Arts Ref Book Arts Ref Baker-Berry
BACD Baker Berry Circ Desk   Baker-Berry
BACF Baker Berry EAsian Folio Folio EAsian Baker-Berry
BACH Baker Berry East Asian East Asian Baker-Berry
BACI Baker Berry Circ Office Circ Office Baker-Berry
BACO Baker Berry EAsian Ovrsiz Ovrsize EAsian Baker-Berry
BACR Baker Berry EastAsian Ref East Asian Ref Baker-Berry
BAEC Evans Clere story Study Evans Clerstory Study Baker-Berry
BAED Baker Berry EdProg Office Baker/Berry Educatn Program Office Baker-Berry
BAFE Baker Berry Res Lock Ferg Circ Ferg Baker-Berry
BAFO Baker Berry Folio Folio Baker-Berry
BAGD Baker Berry US Gov Docs Baker Gov.Docs Baker-Berry
BAGDR Jones Media CD-ROM Jones Media CD-ROM Baker-Berry
BAHA Baker Berry Harvard Harvard Baker-Berry
BAIL Baker Berry ILL Office ILL Office Baker-Berry
BAIS Baker Berry DLTG DLTG Office Baker-Berry
BAJM Jones Media Center Jones Media Center Baker-Berry
BAJMA Jones Media Phono tape Jones Media Phonotape Baker-Berry
BAJMC Jones Media Compact Disc Jones Media Compact Disc Baker-Berry
BAJMD Jones Media Master Jones Media Master Baker-Berry
BAJMG Jones Media Microprint   Baker-Berry
BAJMK Jones Media Video disc Jones Media Video-disc Baker-Berry
BAJMO Jones Media Board Game Jones Media Board Game Baker-Berry
BAJMQ Jones Media Diskette Jones Media Diskette Baker-Berry
BAJMR Jones Media CD-ROM Jones Media CD-ROM Baker-Berry
BAJMS Jones Media Slide Jones Media Slide Baker-Berry
BAJMV Jones Media Video tape Jones Media Video-tape Baker-Berry
BAJMW Jones Media Video Game Jones Media Video Game Baker-Berry
BAJMX Jones Media VCD Jones Media VCD Baker-Berry
BAJMY Jones Media DVD-ROM Jones Media DVD-ROM Baker-Berry
BAJMZ Jones Media DVD Jones Media DVD Baker-Berry
BAJO Jones Media Office   Baker-Berry
BAJR Jones Media Ref.   Baker-Berry
BAKE Baker Berry Tower Kenerson Tower Kenerson Baker-Berry
BAKR Baker Berry   Baker-Berry
BAKY Berry Info Desk Berry Info Desk Baker-Berry
BALI Baker Berry Libr Office Librar- ians Office Baker-Berry
BAMC Evans Map Room CIA Maps Evans Map Room CIA Maps Baker-Berry
BAMO Evans Map Room Office Evans Map Room Office Baker-Berry
BAMP Evans Map Room Evans Map Room Baker-Berry
BAMPK Evans Map Room Video disc Evans Map Room Video- disc Baker-Berry
BAMPQ Evans Map Room Diskette Evans Map Room Diskette Baker-Berry
BAMPR Evans Map Room CD-ROM Evans Map Room CD-ROM Baker-Berry
BAMPY Evans Map Room DVD-ROM Evans Map Room DVD-ROM Baker-Berry
BAMR Evans Map Room Ref. Evans Map Room Ref. Baker-Berry
BAMRR Evans Map Room Ref CD-ROM Evans Map Room Ref CD-ROM Baker-Berry
BAMS Evans Map Room Special Map Room Special Baker-Berry
BANA Baker Berry Nash Nash Baker-Berry
BANF Baker Berry Nash Folio Folio Nash Baker-Berry
BANO Baker Berry Nash Oversize Oversize Nash Baker-Berry
BANP Baker Berry Newsp Rm Newspaper Room Baker-Berry
BAOV Baker Berry Oversize Oversize Baker-Berry
BAPR Baker Berry Presv Office Pres. Office Baker-Berry
BARD Baker Berry Ref. Desk Ref. Desk Baker-Berry
BARE Baker Berry Ref. Office Ref. Office Baker-Berry
BARF Baker Berry Ref. Ref. Baker-Berry
BARO Baker Berry Reference Oversize Reference Oversize Baker-Berry
BARP Baker Berry Reserve Reserve Baker-Berry
BARPH Baker Reserve Micro film Baker Reserve Micro film Baker-Berry
BARPM Baker Reserve Micro fiche Baker Reserve Micro fiche Baker-Berry
BARR Baker Reserve Project Rm Baker Reserve Project Rm Baker-Berry
BARRH Baker Res ProjRm Microfilm Baker Res ProjRm Microfilm Baker-Berry
BARS Baker Berry Reserve Reserve Baker-Berry
BASH Baker Berry Tower Shurtlf   Baker-Berry
BASR Baker Berry East ReadngRm East Reading Rm. Baker-Berry
BAST Baker Berry Tower Standrd Tower Standard Baker-Berry
BATC Baker Berry CPR Balcony Baker Berry CPR Balcony Baker-Berry
BATR Baker Berry Tower Room Tower Baker-Berry
BAXK Baker Berry Korea Korea Baker-Berry
BAXO Baker Berry Korea Oversize Oversize Korea Baker-Berry
BAXR Baker Berry Korea Ref. Korea Ref. Baker-Berry
BFJMU Jones Media Film Storage Jones Media Film Storage Baker-Berry
BXAJ Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Baker-Berry
BXCH Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Baker-Berry
BXJM Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Baker-Berry
BXJMG Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Baker-Berry
BXJMH Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Baker-Berry
BXJMK Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Baker-Berry
BXJMM Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Baker-Berry
BXKHJ Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Baker-Berry
BXKRG Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Baker-Berry
BXKRH Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Baker-Berry
BXKRM Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Baker-Berry
BXMP Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Baker-Berry
BXMS Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Baker-Berry
BXOS Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Baker-Berry
BXRE Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Baker-Berry
BXSP Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Baker-Berry
BZJMH Storage   Baker-Berry
BZKR Storage   Baker-Berry
BZKRG Storage   Baker-Berry
CISM Jones Media CIS Fiche   Baker-Berry
COEZ Baker Berry Cook Easy Cook Easy Baker-Berry
COOK Baker Berry Cook Cook Baker-Berry
COOKT Baker Berry Cook Thesis Cook Thesis Baker-Berry
COOV Baker Berry Cook Oversize Oversize Cook Baker-Berry
CXOK Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Baker-Berry
RSSTF Baker Berry Reserve Staff Reserve Staf Baker-Berry
DANA Dana Dana Dana
DANAE Dana Media Realia Dana Media Realia Dana
DANAI Dana Media Iconography Dana Media Iconography Dana
DANAK Dana Media Video disc Dana Media Video- disc Dana
DANAQ Dana Media Diskette Dana Media Diskette Dana
DANAR Dana Media CD-ROM Dana Media CD-ROM Dana
DANAS Dana Media Slide Dana Media Slide Dana
DANAT Dana Thesis Dana Thesis Dana
DANAV Dana Media Video tape Dana Media Video- tape Dana
DANAY Dana Media DVD-ROM Dana Media DVD-ROM Dana
DANAZ Dana Media DVD Dana Media DVD Dana
DARS Dana Reserve Dana Reserve Dana
DXNA Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Dana
DZNA Storage Storage Dana
FEDP Feldberg 30-Day Design Proj   Feldberg
FELD Feldberg Feldberg Feldberg
FELDA Feldberg Phono tape Feldberg Phono tape Feldberg
FELDC Feldberg Compact disc Feldberg Compact disc Feldberg
FELDH Feldberg Micro film Feldberg Micro film Feldberg
FELDM Feldberg Micro fiche Feldberg Micro fiche Feldberg
FELDQ Feldberg Diskette Feldberg Diskette Feldberg
FELDR Feldberg CD-ROM Feldberg CD-ROM Feldberg
FELDT Feldberg Thesis Feldberg Thesis Feldberg
FELDV Feldberg Video tape Feldberg Video tape Feldberg
FEME Feldberg MEM Feldberg MEM Feldberg
FEOF Feldberg Office Feldberg Office Feldberg
FEPR Feldberg Permanent Reserve Feldberg Perm Reserve Feldberg
FERF Feldberg Ref. Feldberg Ref. Feldberg
FERFR Feldberg Ref. CD-ROM Feldberg Ref. CD-ROM Feldberg
FERFZ Feldberg Ref. DVD Feldberg Ref. DVD Feldberg
FERS Feldberg Reserve Feldberg Reserve Feldberg
FESP Feldberg Special Feldberg Special Feldberg
FXLD Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Feldberg
FXLDH Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Feldberg
FXLDM Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Feldberg
FXRF Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Feldberg
FXSP Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Feldberg
KRES Kresge Kresge Kresge
KRESH Kresge Micro film Kresge Micro film Kresge
KRESI Kresge Iconog. Kresge Iconog Kresge
KRESM Kresge Micro fiche Kresge Micro fiche Kresge
KRESQ Kresge Diskette Kresge Diskette Kresge
KRESR Kresge CD-ROM Kresge CD-ROM Kresge
KREST Kresge Thesis Kresge Thesis Kresge
KRESY Kresge DVD-ROM Kresge DVD-ROM Kresge
KRFO Kresge Ref. Oversize Kresge Ref Oversize Kresge
KRMP Kresge Map Kresge Map Kresge
KROF Kresge Office Kresge Office Kresge
KROV Kresge Oversize Kresge Oversize Kresge
KRRF Kresge Ref. Kresge Ref Kresge
KRRFR Kresge Ref CD-ROM Kresge Ref CD-ROM Kresge
KRRS Kresge Reserve Kresge Reserve Kresge
KXES Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Kresge
KXESH Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Kresge
KXESM Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Kresge
KZES Storage   Kresge
MFCH Matthews Full Consumer He Matthews Fuller Consumer Health Matthews-Fuller
MFLB Matthews Fuller Matthews Fuller Matthews-Fuller
MFLBE Matthews Fuller Realia Matthews Fuller Realia Matthews-Fuller
MFLBR Matthews Fuller CD-ROM Matthews Fuller CD-ROM Matthews-Fuller
MFLBS Matthews Fuller Slide Matthews Fuller Slide Matthews-Fuller
MFLBT Matthews Fuller Thesis Matthews Fuller Thesis Matthews-Fuller
MFLBV Matthews Fuller Video tape Matthews Fuller Video tape Matthews-Fuller
MFLBY Matthews Fuller DVD-ROM Matthews Fuller DVD-ROM Matthews-Fuller
MFLBZ Matthews Fuller DVD Matthews Fuller DVD Matthews-Fuller
MFOF Matthews Fuller Office Matthews Fuller Office Matthews-Fuller
MFRF Matthews Fuller Ref. Matthews Fuller Ref. Matthews-Fuller
MFRFR Matthews Fuller Ref CDROM Matthews Fuller Ref. CD-ROM Matthews-Fuller
MXLB Library Depository Library Deposi tory Matthews-Fuller
PADD Paddock Paddock Paddock
PADDA Paddock Phono tape Paddock Phono tape Paddock
PADDC Paddock Compact disc Paddock Compact disc Paddock
PADDD Paddock DAT Paddock DAT Paddock
PADDH Paddock Micro film Paddock Micro film Paddock
PADDK Paddock Video disc Paddock Video disc Paddock
PADDM Paddock Micro fiche Paddock Micro fiche Paddock
PADDP Paddock Phono disc Paddock Phono disc Paddock
PADDQ Paddock Diskette Paddock Diskette Paddock
PADDR Paddock CD-ROM Paddock CD-ROM Paddock
PADDT Paddock Thesis Paddock Thesis Paddock
PADDV Paddock Video tape Paddock Video tape Paddock
PADDX Paddock VCD Paddock VCD Paddock
PADDY Paddock DVD-ROM Paddock DVD-ROM Paddock
PADDZ Paddock DVD Paddock DVD Paddock
PAOF Paddock Office Paddock Office Paddock
PAOFQ Paddock Office Diskette Paddock Office Diskette Paddock
PARF Paddock Ref. Paddock Ref. Paddock
PARFC Paddock Ref. Compact disc Paddock Ref. Compact disc Paddock
PARFR Paddock Ref. CD-ROM Paddock Ref. CD-ROM Paddock
PARS Paddock Reserve   Paddock
PASP Paddock Special Paddock Special Paddock
PXBRA Paddock Bregman Phono tape Paddock Bregman Phono tape Paddock
PXDD Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Paddock
PXDDP Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Paddock
W1926 Rauner 1926 Coll 1926 Coll. Rauner
W1926b Rauner 1926 Coll Broadside   Rauner
WACC Rauner Account Books   Rauner
WALU Rauner Alumni Alumni Rauner
WARM Rauner Armed Services Ed.   Rauner
WBAL Rauner Balzac   Rauner
WBIB Rauner Bib Society   Rauner
WBIE Rauner Bierce   Rauner
WBIN Rauner Bindings Bindings Rauner
WBLU Rauner Blunt   Rauner
WBRL Rauner Brooke   Rauner
WBRO Rauner Brooke Brooke Rauner
WBRY Rauner Bryant Bryant Rauner
WBUR Rauner Burns Burns Rauner
WCAD Rauner Caldwell Caldwell Rauner
WCADB Rauner Caldwell Broadside   Rauner
WCAL Rauner Calligraphy   Rauner
WCAN Rauner Calligraphy Nash Callig. Nash Rauner
WCHG Rauner Chase Streeter General   Rauner
WCHN Rauner Chase Streeter New England   Rauner
WCHP Rauner Chapbook   Rauner
WCHS Rauner Chase Streeter   Rauner
WCHSB Rauner Chase Streeter Broadside   Rauner
WCNG Rauner Chase Streeter New England General   Rauner
WCUS Rauner Chase Streeter US   Rauner
WCUG Rauner Chase Streeter US General Chase Streeter US General Rauner
WCON Rauner Conrad Conrad Rauner
WCRA Rauner Crane Crane Rauner
WDCA Rauner DC Hist Assoc. Bks   Rauner
WDCH Rauner D.C.Hist D.C.Hist Rauner
WDCHB Rauner D.C.Hist Broadside D.C.Hist Broad side Rauner
WDCL Rauner D.C.Hist Album D.C.Hist Album Rauner
WDCM Rauner D.C.Hist Membk   Rauner
WDCN Rauner D.C.Hist Newsletter D.C.Hist News letter Rauner
WDCO Rauner D.C.Hist Honors D.C.Hist Honors Rauner
WDCT Rauner D.C. Hist Thesis D.C. Hist Thesis Rauner
WDCU Rauner D.C. Hist Auto Album D.C. Hist Auto Album Rauner
WDEW Rauner Dewey Dewey Rauner
WDIM Rauner Dime Novels Dime Novels Rauner
WDOG Rauner Doughty   Rauner
WDOL Rauner Douglas Douglas Rauner
WEBE Rauner Eberhart   Rauner
WEBEB Rauner Eberhart Broadside   Rauner
WEDT Rauner Edward Thomas Edward Thomas Rauner
WFIE Rauner Fields   Rauner
WFRO Rauner Frost Frost Rauner
WFROB Rauner Frost Broadside Frost Broadside Rauner
WGAR Rauner Garnett   Rauner
WGIL Rauner Gilman Gilman Rauner
WGRA Rauner Graham Graham Rauner
WHEW Rauner Hewlett   Rauner
WHIC Rauner Hickmott Hickmott Rauner
WHOT Rauner Honors Thayer Honors Thayer Rauner
WHUD Rauner Hudson Hudson Rauner
WHUN Rauner Huneker   Rauner
WHUX Rauner Huxley Huxley Rauner
WILL Rauner Illus Illus Rauner
WILLB Rauner Illus. Broadside Illus. Broadside Rauner
WINC Rauner Incunabula Incuna bula Rauner
WLAN Rauner Lansburgh Lansburgh Rauner
WLANB Rauner Lansburgh Broadside   Rauner
WLAW Rauner Lawrence Lawrence Rauner
WLIN Rauner Lindsay   Rauner
WLOG Rauner Longevity Longevity Rauner
WLON Rauner London London Rauner
WMAC Rauner MacKaye   Rauner
WMAF Rauner Mansfield Mansfield Rauner
WMAN Rauner Manuscript Manu script Rauner
WMAS Rauner Masters   Rauner
WMCG Rauner McGregor   Rauner
WMEB Rauner Manuscript Eberhart   Rauner
WMEBB Rauner Manuscript Eberhart Broadside   Rauner
WMEL Rauner Melville Melville Rauner
WMEN Rauner Mencken Mencken Rauner
WMFR Rauner Manuscript Frost   Rauner
WMHI Rauner Mao's 24 Histories   Rauner
WMIN Rauner Miniature Miniature Rauner
WMMC Rauner Manuscript McClure   Rauner
WMNC Rauner Manuscript Codex Manu script Codex Rauner
WMRU Rauner Manu Rumford   Rauner
WMST Rauner Manuscript Stef Manu script Stef Rauner
WMWE Rauner Manuscript Webster   Rauner
WNAL Rauner N.H. Alexandria   Rauner
WNAM Rauner N.H. Amherst N.H. Amherst Rauner
WNAN Rauner N.H. Andover   Rauner
WNAS Rauner Nash Rauner Nash Rauner
WNBA Rauner N.H. Bath   Rauner
WNBC Rauner N.H. Bosca   Rauner
WNBO Rauner N.H. Boscawen   Rauner
WNBR Rauner N.H. Bristol   Rauner
WNCA Rauner N.H. Canterbury   Rauner
WNCH Rauner N.H. Charlestown   Rauner
WNCL Rauner N.H. Claremont   Rauner
WNCN Rauner N.H. Concord N.H. Concord Rauner
WNCO Rauner N.H. Contoocook   Rauner
WNCR Rauner N.H. Cornish   Rauner
WNDE Rauner N.H. Derry   Rauner
WNDN Rauner N.H. Dunstable   Rauner
WNDO Rauner N.H. Dover   Rauner
WNDU Rauner N.H. Durham   Rauner
WNEA Rauner N.H. East Cambridge   Rauner
WNEB Rauner N.H. East Canterbury N.H. East Canterbury Rauner
WNEC Rauner NH East Canaan   Rauner
WNEN Rauner NH Enfield   Rauner
WNEP Rauner NH Epping   Rauner
WNEX Rauner N.H. Exeter N.H. Exeter Rauner
WNFA Rauner NH Farmington   Rauner
WNFF Rauner NH Franklin Falls   Rauner
WNFR Rauner NH Franklin   Rauner
WNFS Rauner NH Fisherville   Rauner
WNFZ Rauner NH Fitzwilliam   Rauner
WNGF Rauner NH Goffstown   Rauner
WNGI Rauner NH Gilman   Rauner
WNGL Rauner NH Gilmanton   Rauner
WNGO Rauner NH Gorham   Rauner
WNGR Rauner NH Grafton   Rauner
WNGT Rauner NH Great Falls   Rauner
WNHA Rauner N.H. Hanover N.H. Hanover Rauner
WNHF Rauner NH Hancock Factory   Rauner
WNHI Rauner NH NH Rauner
WNHIB Rauner NH Broadside   Rauner
WNHN Rauner NH Hinsdale   Rauner
WNHO Rauner NH Hopkinton   Rauner
WNHV Rauner NH Haverhill   Rauner
WNJA Rauner NH Jaffrey   Rauner
WNKE Rauner N.H. Keene N.H. Keene Rauner
WNLC Rauner NH Laconia   Rauner
WNLE Rauner NH Lebanon   Rauner
WNLI Rauner NH Littleton   Rauner
WNLK Rauner NH Lakeport   Rauner
WNLN Rauner NH Lancaster   Rauner
WNMA Rauner NH Manchester   Rauner
WNMB Rauner NH Meredith Bridge   Rauner
WNMD Rauner NH Meredith   Rauner
WNMI Rauner NH Milford N.H. Milford Rauner
WNML Rauner NH Milton   Rauner
WNMR Rauner NH Marlboro   Rauner
WNNA Rauner NH Nashua N.H. Nashua Rauner
WNNE Rauner N.H. Newport N.H. Newport Rauner
WNNF Rauner NH Northfield   Rauner
WNNH Rauner NH North Hampton   Rauner
WNNI Rauner NH New Ipswich   Rauner
WNPL Rauner NH Plymouth   Rauner
WNPM Rauner NH Paper Mill Vill   Rauner
WNPN Rauner NH Penacook   Rauner
WNPO Rauner N.H. Ports mouth N.H. Ports- mouth Rauner
WNPT Rauner NH Peterboro   Rauner
WNRO Rauner NH Rochester   Rauner
WNRU Rauner NH Rumney   Rauner
WNSA Rauner NH Salem   Rauner
WNSB Rauner NH Sanborn   Rauner
WNSH Rauner NH Shaker Village   Rauner
WNSO Rauner NH Somersworth   Rauner
WNSP Rauner NH Springfield   Rauner
WNSR Rauner NH Strafford   Rauner
WNST Rauner NH Sanbornton   Rauner
WNSU Rauner NH South Weare   Rauner
WNSV Rauner NH Sanbornville   Rauner
WNSW Rauner NH Washington   Rauner
WNWC Rauner NH Wnchester   Rauner
WNWD Rauner NH Windham   Rauner
WNWE Rauner NH West Lebanon   Rauner
WNWF Rauner NH Wolfeboro   Rauner
WNWH Rauner NH Whitefield   Rauner
WNWL Rauner NH Walpole N.H. Walpole Rauner
WNWN Rauner NH Winnipesaukee   Rauner
WNWR Rauner NH Warner   Rauner
WNWV Rauner NH Woodsville   Rauner
WOCC Rauner Occupations   Rauner
WOLI Rauner Oliver Oliver Rauner
WONE Rauner O'Neill O'Neill Rauner
WPRE Rauner Presses Presses Rauner
WPREB Rauner Presses Broad side Presses Broad- side Rauner
WQUI Rauner Quixote Quixote Rauner
WRAB Rauner Rare Bk Rare Bk Rauner
WRAI Rauner Rainone Rainone Rauner
WRAUA Rauner Phono tape Spec. Coll. Phono tape Rauner
WRAUB Rauner Broad side Spec. Coll. Broad side Rauner
WRAUC Rauner Compact disc Spec. Coll. Compact disc Rauner
WRAUE Rauner Realia Spec. Coll. Realia Rauner
WRAUH Rauner Micro film Spec. Coll. Micro- film Rauner
WRAUI Rauner Iconography Spec. Coll. Iconog Rauner
WRAUK Rauner Video disc Spec. Coll. Video- disc Rauner
WRAUP Rauner Phono disc Spec. Coll. Phono- disc Rauner
WRAUR Rauner CD-ROM Spec. Coll. CD-ROM Rauner
WRAUS Rauner Slide Spec. Coll. Slide Rauner
WRAUU Rauner Motion Picture Spec. Coll. Motion Picture Rauner
WRAUV Rauner Video tape Spec. Coll. Video- tape Rauner
WRAUY Rauner Transparency   Rauner
WRAUZ Rauner DVD Spec. Coll. DVD Rauner
WRED Rauner Red Room   Rauner
WROB Rauner Roberts   Rauner
WROI Rauner Robinson   Rauner
WROL Rauner Roberts Roberts Lib. Rauner
WRRF Rauner Ref Spec. Coll. Ref. Rauner
WRRFR Rauner Ref CD-ROM Spec. Coll. Ref. CD-ROM Rauner
WRUM Rauner Rumford   Rauner
WRUZ Rauner Ruzicka Ruzicka Rauner
WSAN Rauner Santayana   Rauner
WSCR Rauner Scripts   Rauner
WSEF Rauner Senior Fellow Senior Fellow Rauner
WSHE Rauner Sheet Music Sheet Music Rauner
WSIN Rauner Sine Illus Sine Illus Rauner
WSIS Rauner Sine Serials Sine Serials Rauner
WSMJ Rauner Smith J   Rauner
WSTA Rauner Stefansson Alcove Stef. Alcove Rauner
WSTE Rauner Stefansson Stef. Rauner
WSTEB Rauner Stefansson Broadsd   Rauner
WSTV Rauner Stevens   Rauner
WTAG Rauner Taggard   Rauner
WTHO Rauner Thomas Thomas Rauner
WTHS Rauner Thayer Thayer Rauner
WTIC Rauner Ticknor Ticknor Rauner
WTOM Rauner Tomlinson   Rauner
WVAL Rauner Val Val Rauner
WWEB Rauner Webster Webster Rauner
WWEBB Rauner Webster Broadside Webster Broad side Rauner
WWEL Rauner Webster Webster Lib. Rauner
WWHI Rauner White Mountains White Mts. Rauner
WWHIB Rauner White Mts. Broadsd White Mts. Broad side Rauner
WWIL Rauner Williamson William- son Rauner
WWLW Rauner Williams/Watson Williams Watson Rauner
WWLWB Rauner Wil/Wat Broadside   Rauner
WWOO Rauner Woodward Woodward Rauner
ARFO Sherman Folio Art Folio Sherman
ARJR Sherman Journal Art Journal Sherman
AROF Sherman Office Art Office Sherman
AROV Sherman Oversize Art Oversize Sherman
ARRF Sherman Ref. Art Ref. Sherman
ARRFR Sherman Ref. CD-ROM Art Ref. CD-ROM Sherman
ARRS Sherman Reserve Art Reserve Sherman
ARSP Sherman Special Art Special Sherman
ARTL Sherman Art Sherman
AXSP Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Sherman
AXTL Library Depository Library Deposi- tory Sherman