Procedure : Replacements


These instructions assume familiarity working in Millennium and OCLC Connexion.


IMPORTANT: Always reclass to LC if being replaced, UNLESS it is being sent to Storage.

Compare replacement with the catalog record

To compare the replacement with the catalog record, follow these steps:

  1. Search in Millennium by title of the replacement.
  2. Check whether the item is checked out to a patron. If it is, stop and bring to your supervisor. If no, then proceed.
  3. Make sure there are two bibliographic records: the catalog record with an item record attached, and the one with the attached repl. order record.
  4. If it's a book, make sure "repl." appears on the verso of the title page of the replacement copy.
  5. Verify that the item is the exact same edition, etc. as that described in the catalog record.
    TIP: If you have questions about whether it's the same edition, ask Barb or Stina.

When the replacement copy matches the catalog record

If the replacement is the exact same edition, etc. as that described in the catalog record, transfer attached records from the brief bib. of the replacement to the catalog record.

The catalog record, i.e., the record you want to transfer records to, is the Destination record.

To transfer attached records, do the following:

  1. Retrieve the bibliographic record that is attached to the records you want to transfer. This is the Source record.
  2. Add 955 |u+l yyymmdd.
  3. In the attached item record, make the following changes:
    • Change the barcode
    • Add 950 |frepl yymmdd initials
    • If multipart item records, then add |imm/dd/yy
    • Take out any type of "REPL NOTE" or "SELECTOR NOTE."
    • ICODE=0
    • Set STATUS = -
    • Set IMESSAGE = -
    • Make any other adjustments per corrections procedures.
  4. In the Source record, open the Summary display of attached records.
  5. Click on the Millennium Edit menu, a drop down list appears.
  6. Select "Transfer attached", a dialog box appears.
  7. Retrieve the Destination record (the record to which you want to attach records).
  8. Click "Use Bib.", another dialog box appears.
  9. Select "Transfer attached records, DELETE source record."
  10. Click "OK."
  11. Retrieve the catalog record.

When the replacement copy does not match the catalog record

If the replacement copy doesn't match the catalog record, e.g., is a different edition, then withdraw the copy that is missing and try to catalog the replacement copy.

TIP: For instructions on how to withdraw a missing item, see: Monographic Discards & Withdrawals.

To catalog the replacement copy, do the following:

  1. Search OCLC for acceptable copy.
  2. If acceptable copy, with a good call number, is found, then write the OCLC id on the travel slip and catalog the piece.
  3. If no acceptable copy is found, then do the following, adjust the brief bib. record to match the piece in hand.
  4. In the order record, change "REPLACE" to "TO REPLACE".
  5. Send to the backlog.

Replacements with Bib Level Holds


Straight Replace
An item has been lost and is being replaced with an exact duplicte. The catalog records, still extant, are not touched.
An item has been lost and is being replaced with a different edition. New catalog records are created.


If you have a replacement that has a Bib Level Hold on it, do one of the following:

  • If it is a To-Replace, follow the usual replacement procedure.
  • If it is a Straight Replace, do the transfer as usual. A box will come up to save the hold.

Replacement of Multi-Part Videos

If you have a video format replacement that consists of multiple parts, then do the following:

  1. Check to see whether it is a Straight Replace (same edition) or a To-Replace (different edtion).
  2. If non-missing or defective pieces are checked out, then do the following:
    • Hold onto the discs until the original discs get checked back in. DO NOT catalog the pieces you have as cop.2's or 2nd copies (if different edition).
    • Insert a message field into the item record(s) with the following note:
      Please notify [your name] in CATALOGING when items have been checked back in. [YYYYMMDD and your initials].
  3. If it is a Straight Replace, then change barcodes and dates in ALL item records and get the new discs remarked.
  4. Delete any summary item record present.
  5. Create MARC holding record.
  6. If it is a To-Replace, do one of the following:
    • If you are able to catalog the replacement, then DISCARD the original record.
      TIP: For instructions on how to discard an item, see Monographic Discards & Withdrawals.
    • If you are not able to catalog the replacement, place in Priority work flow. If there are any questions, ask your supervisor.