Recataloging : Record Deletion and Correction Guidelines


This document gives guidelines for recataloging items already owned and cataloged by the library; it should be used in conjunction with procedures for selecting and modifying copy, and adding new records to the catalog.


Recataloging is done when the bibliographic description of an item already in the collection needs to be changed so substantially that the existing record cannot be used. Examples of cases where recataloging might be needed are:

  • Edition changes: the existing cataloging does not match the edition of the piece.
  • Changing individual monograph cataloging to set cataloging, serial or mpi (Note: this does not include cases where a set is analyzed and both the set cataloging and piece catalogings exist in the catalog.)
  • Breaking up a set, and adding monographic cataloging (separately classed) for the pieces.
  • Very brief records, when there is a much more complete record already in OCLC

Please always ask if you’re not sure whether you can make changes to an existing record, or whether you should completely recatalog a title.

The Basic Process

  • Always create a new record when recataloging and code the old record for deletion. Never overlay a cataloged bibliographic record. Transfer any attached records from the old record to the new.
  • The new record should have:
    • A current cat date (the date of the recataloging)
    • An 090 |frecat. to keep the record from being counted as a new title.
  • You need to decide whether you want the old record deleted from OCLC or just from Millennium. To do this, check the OCLC numbers (001) in both the old and new records.
    • If they are different, you’ll want to delete the holdings from the old record in OCLC.
    • If your new record has the same OCLC number as the existing Millennium record (as can happen when you want to take advantage of a much better/upgraded record in OCLC, but the records are otherwise a “match”) you’ll want to only delete the record from Millennium, because you want our holdings to remain on OCLC.

The Delete Procedure

In the Bibliographic Record:

  • Change LOCATION to withd
  • Remove yy?? Locations
  • Change BIB STATUS to:
    • d if the record needs to be deleted from Millennium and OCLC, or
    • b if it only needs to be deleted from Millennium
      (See Basic Process for instructions on which code to use)
  • Remove 090 call #
  • Add note field "i" insert a field / "y" MARC tag "966"
    Recat. [YYMMDD/cataloger's initials]

Transfer all attached records to new cataloging record.