Dartmouth Guidelines for using 050_4 in Original Cataloging Records


The inclusion of the 050_4 in original cataloging records is to assist other member libraries in the selection of RLIN/OCLC records with classification numbers which follow the LC Classification scheme. There is no direct benefit to us.

In our local systems, call numbers must be entered in 090 or 950|b fields. We are not under any obligation to provide 050_4 numbers, and each of us should do so at our own discretion, based on our evaluation of the accuracy of the number within the LC Classification scheme.

Many local practices differ slightly from a strict interpretation of the LC Classification schedules. Numbers based on these practices should not be coded 050_4.


Exclusions from 050_4

  1. Topical tables: Any cutter numbers created for topics not stated in the schedules.
  2. Translation tables: Any extensions of cutter numbers to indicate translations which do not follow LC policy as given in the SHELFLISTING manual.
  3. Work letters applied to dates: Any work letters which do not follow LC policy as given in the SHELFLISTING manual.
  4. Local LC-type numbers: LD1447.7 (used for MALS theses) would be one example of a local application of the classification scheme.
  5. Local classification preferences which differ from LC practice (e.g. art, photography, psychology, ethics, environmental sciences, etc.)
  6. Videos: Feature films classified by topic (e.g. music), or other local classification practices that differ from LC practice.
  7. Bibliographies: We often classify bibliographies in the appropriate subject area (i.e. not Z), but this is a departure from LC practice and should be excluded from 050_4.
  8. Individual musician/composer numbers.

Special Instructions for Applying 050_4

  1. Literary authors: Supply the literary author number in 050_4 only if we can determine (through our usual procedures) that LC has already established the number.
  2. Artists: Enter a call number in 050_4 if found in LC source copy or if you are reasonably sure of the number based on the local shelflist.

NOTE: If local shelflisting practice digresses from LC practice, EITHER put the "pure" LC number in the 050_4, OR do not create an 050_4.