Searching Guidelines for In-process Scores in OCLC - Draft

Chief Source
— for matching
Title page;
Then cover;
Then caption
Types of searches


Usually on the back cover or title page verso.


sn:M 123456789


Publisher number

mn:[number on piece]




If these fail, use a derived author title search qualified by year, for example:

Britten, Noctornal, 1971, score



Schubert, Quintet, 1956, score



ELvl (l-Level) 1,1, 4, or blank
ELvl (FastCatl) I, 4, or blank
Desc a
040 (FastCat) Check acceptable libraries for FastCat. If acceptable, skip "Musical Form (l-Level)."
Musical form (l-Level)
from title (or sub-title) of piece. verify by checking the 650 field
  1. Pieces for solo instruments.
  2. Duets: pieces for two instruments or pieces for one instrument and one accompanying instrument.
  3. Trios: Pieces for three instruments including piano trios (piano, violin, & cello).
  4. Pieces for string quartet (2 violins, viola, cello).
  5. Pieces for two pianos or piano four hands.
  6. Symphonies.
  7. Musicals.
  8. Popular music.
020 ISBN - Match if present.
024 2 ISMN - match - presence NOT required.
028 Publisher no. - match.
050 or 090 - Fastcat Call Number

Good FastCat copy lacking a call number or with incomplete call numbers (stem call nos.) are flagged with a blue flag and filed back into the in-process area.

NOTE Call numbers containing opus numbers or other numbering systems must match numbering in the 240 field (ask if not sure).


090    M24.B115 ‡b BWV 825-830 2002
24010 Partitas,‡m harpsichord,‡n BWV 825-830. ‡k Selections
050 or 090 - l-Level Call Number Accept as is - presence not required.
100 Author Composer (or Band or performer) - match with piece.
245 ‡a Title Match with piece.
250/254 Edition/Musical Presentation statement Match with piece - presence NOT required.
260 ‡a & ‡b Match with piece.