Procedure Guidelines for Cataloging Books in the FastCat Work Flow


This document outlines the procedure for cataloging books in the FastCat workflow along with guidelines for selecting copy in OCLC.


1. Search OCLC.

Search all books in OCLC with the book in hand. Preferred search is a derivedAuthor/Title search.

2. Look for Acceptable copy.

SEE OCLC Fastcat Acceptable Copy Guidelines

3. Examine copy found.

If these fields are not present, do not fastcat.

050* ($a AND $b) or 090 ($a AND $b) (Full LC Classification number AND NOT an Analytic call number. e.g. v.# or bd.#, etc.)
6xx (at least one unless it is Literature)
600-651 with second indicator “0” (UNLESS the book is fiction) IN ENGLISH

CAUTION If there are 2 “good” LC call #’s please send to Cataloging with note. (This does not happen often but sometimes you will have an 050 4 and an 090 in a PCC record)

Data in the following fields must match the book. Do not change the data in any of these fields. (*exception 250 field can be modified for 1st edition ENGLISH books only if EVERYTHING else matches 100% -  300 can be updated if not present or off by 1 or 2 pages or centimeters)**exception if Open date in 260 |c put material with printout on MPI truck.

1xx **this may not be an exact match but a form of this entry must be on the piece***
250**If book has 1st ed. and record doesn't 1st ed  can be added - if book doesn't have 1st ed. and the  record has does - 1st ed can be removed) for English materials only!! ALSO if EVERYTHING else matches 100%
300 $a and $c (paging and cm can be off by 1 or 2)
5xx (quoted notes)

4. SERIES (440, 490, and 830 fields)

Accept all series statements as is. Do not change MARC tags.


650 7 Delete
856 SEE PrintwithURL Guidelines