Enhanced Institutions in Music Sound Recordings

OCLC Source Code Organization Name
BGU Bowling Green State University
BUF State University of New York at Buffalo
CDL San Diego County, Law Library
CGU University of Chicago
CIN University of Cincinnati
CLE Cleveland Public Library
CPL Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
ELW Eden-Webster University
EMU Emory University
ENG New England Conservatory
GUA University of Georgia
GZM University of Wisconsin, Madison
GZN University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
HRH Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin
IKG Champaign (Illinois) Public Library
IUG Indiana University, Music ARL RECON
IUL Indiana University
IXA University of Texas, Austin
JPL Jacksonville Public Library (FL)
KSU Kent State University
KUK University of Kentucky
LCD Library of Congress, Music Division, Research Services
LCM Library of Congress, Sound Recordings
LNN Library of Congress
MDY Middlebury College
MNO Saint Olaf College
MPI Minneapolis Public Library
NPC Public Library, Charlotte & Mecklenburg County (North Carolina)
NYP New York Public Library—Research Libraries
OBE Oberlin College
OCO Columbus Metropolitan Library (OH)
ORU University of Oregon
ORX Multnomah County Library
P@N Georgia Public Library Service, PINES
RES Eastman School of Music
SRB State Library of Ohio, SEO Branch
UMC University of Maryland, College Park
VHC Hollins University
VRU University of Richmond
WDT Washington State Department of Transportation
WTU Washington University at Saint Louis
ZCU Columbia University