WebPac Implementation Team

WebPac Known Issues

Awaiting fix from vendor

  • The location limit is not fully configured yet and does not give accurate results. We'll let you know when it is available for general use.
  • Exporting netlibrary records to email doesn't include the URL. Reported 2/23 (c513893)

Known Issues

Fix installed (or behavior explained)

If anything in this list appears to be broken again, please send reproducible examples of the problem to Jennifer Merrill.

  • After a keyword search and a sort by date, if you change the index menu to Keyword and reexecute the search, it does it as an AltaVista style search instead of a regular AVS keyword search. Reported 1/9/01. (c503663)


  • View Additional Volumes/Copies link does not work correctly on Macintoshes running Internet Explorer. Reported 11/3/00. Affects all Innovative sites using Macintosh & IE. (c490586) Fixed.
  • Advanced Keyword Searching does not retrieve records correctly when the words being searched contain diacritics. Reported 8/14/00. Affects all Innovative sites with AKS. (c474207) Fixed.
  • Call number searches for non-LC call numbers display records in which key fields such as Author, Title are not hotlinked. Reported 12/7/00. (c497912) Fixed.
  • On the page that reports that you successfully placed a hold the Identity note from the checkin record displays. Reported 2/28 (c515033) Fixed.
  • Author search "cicero"/Limit words in author "winterbottom" gives an error that the record is unavailable at this location. Reported 11/21/00. (c494601) Fixed in Release 2001.
  • When logged in as Web OPAC Staff if you do an Accession search and then select the Public View you see a different record. Reported 3/2 (c515722)
  • Many hotlinking issues. Will be fixed in Release 2001 due 2nd quarter. Most fixed in Release 2001
  • In the Export Saved Records screen the title hotlink in the list of saved records doesn't work. Reported 2/27 (c514701) Fixed in Release Update D-Plus, installed on 3/12/01
  • Save Record button not available in MARC record display. Reported 2/26 (c514213) Innovative reports: The export options are only offered from a full record display, an index browse display or a record browse display.
  • Return to Browse button disappears. Reported 3/5/01. (c516142) Innovative reports:The disappearance of "return to browse" for certain records is intentional because of the way WebPAC constructs URLs. It is specifically in situations where the bib you are looking at is the only one in its discreet record set. In these situations, the "return to browse" button is suppressed because there was no method for choosing a particular index browse from among the many arbitrary index browses which would contain that record. As long as you are inside of the 'RECORD BROWSE' set, 'RTB' is offered in a bib record screen. But once you get out of 'RECORD BROWSE' set, you will lose 'RTB' button.
  • After an Author/Title search, the Another Search button takes you to the Author screen not the Author/Title screen. Reported 2/23 (c513857) Innovative reports: As an author/title search is an author search with a subsequent limit on words in the title, the system is hard-coded to automatically take the user back to the author search screen. This feature cannot be modified at the user level at this moment; however, if you would like to see this feature available in a future release of the WebOPAC you may submit an enhancement request.
  • Show Similar Items link after a Keyword search produces an odd result screen. Fix installed 1/5/01
  • Author displays in Browse screen even for entries that have more than one hit. Fix installed 11/200 with Update D.
  • A search for Author McFague, Sally does not report that a nearby entry is McFague, Sallie. Reported 1/22/01. (c506368 & c506381) Fix installed
  • Remove internal notes from item record box. Opened 11/9/00. (c492073). Was fixed by retagging public notes to a differet innopac field group.

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