WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes

Sept. 20, 2001


  • Reinhart Sonnenburg
  • Paul Merchant
  • Becca Lee
  • Jennifer Merrill
  • Bill Fontaine
  • Mark Mounts (co-chair)
  • Bill Ghezzi (co-chair)
  • Ann McHugo (recorder)

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


Mark: A VOX article about the New Catalog will be posted on the "Happenings" page of the College website. Mark will circulate the text to the group.

Bill G.: The Promotion Group has decided not to purchase Post-it notes. Bookmarks should be arriving soon.

Bill G.: Bill demonstrated a search feature of the new catalog that allows limiting results to a set (if less than 32,000 hits in the set) that does not require a keyword to be entered. Ex. to search for all German language journals, enter an asterisk in the search box and add the language and journal limits. Bill F. will add a note about this feature in HELP.

Ann: Based on a discussion with the Collection Services Department Heads, no additional review files will be purchased at this time. Bibliographers interested in learning to utilize the Create Lists functions will be trained upon request, and will use review files in the current pool. The WPIT recommendation will be revised accordingly.

Becca and Bill G.: The recommendation relating to barcoding and item record creation for journals will be revised to include recent comments by Fran Oscadal about the impact on ILL/Doc Delivery of the partially barcoded collection.

Other recommendations needed

Loan rules: Do we want to make a recommendation to reduce/simplify the list of loan rules? No, this is not a WPIT issue.

Enhancements from release 2001: New functions in Release 2001, such as Preferred Search and My Millenium, need to be reviewed by the follow-up group, as will enhancements in subsequent releases. Bill G. will write a recommendation to that effect. An enhancement of particular interest is the Preferred Search, which allows users to create and save a particular search, and receive an automatic e-mail notification if new information relating to the established parameters is added to the catalog. One possible example of applying this feature would be New Acquisitions updates. If Preferred Search is to be implemented, it will require documentation to explain the feature to users.

Online tutorials: Cyndy Pawlek has asked Mark if the WPIT had considered the need for online tutorials for the new catalog. The group felt, given the exptensive HELP, that tutorials might not be needed. If the DL Leadership Group decides to include tutorials in the digital library initiative, they should consider tutorials for the catalog withn that framework. Mark will reply to Cyndy. We will not make a recommendation in this area.

Search statistics: A recommendation will be created to suggest that further investigation into the use and analyis of search statistics (generated by the new catalog) be carried out. Currently there is no export capability and a lot of effort would be required to organize and disseminate the statistics.

Document Delivery HELP

Bill F. noted that the HELP for the "Request Selected item" feature has not yet been written because of problems caused by the lack of item and check-in records for some serials.

Next meeting: Thursday, Sept. 27, 2001 11:00am, Baker 158.

Agenda: Review charge and recommendation.