WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes



  • Bill Ghezzi
  • Mark Mounts
  • Bill Fontaine (recorder)
  • Ann McHugo
  • Reinhart Sonnenburg
  • Jennifer Merrill
  • Paul Merchant
  • Becca Lee

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the 8/30/01 meeting were approved as submitted.


Recommendations on the OPAC maintenance group will be considered by the Library Management Group (9/14 next meeting), not the Digital Library Group.

October 19th is the liberation party, hosted at the Ghezzi residence.

Baker/Berry Reference will start handling the responses through the Feedback button as of Friday the 7th. Feedback will still be copied to the WebPac Team, but replies will be handled by Reference. Questions that require technical expertice outside of Reference will be forwarded to the appropriate person with a request that they reply.

Session timeout is now to be set for 1 hour.

"Left to do" items

Recommendations to be completed, with assignment noted:

  • Bibliographic code to allow for format icons. (Ghezzi)
  • Create item records for serial volumes. (Lee)
  • Finalize non-circulating status message. Two options are available. (1) Employ an OPAC message in the call number box. (2) Generate an "In Lib Use Only" message. (Lee & Merrill)
  • Journals Scope (Fontaine)

Tasks for after September 1st:

  1. Statistics - postponed
  2. Hotlinks behind location names. Recommendations sent to Cyndy Pawlek.
  3. New Books List - refer to the Digital Library Group
  4. Review Files to be purchased by December when the old catalog goes away. Training for bibliographers. (McHugo)
  5. Scoping for Journal Titles. Decision for Management Group as part of the recommendations.
  6. Data Cleanup. Ongoing.
  7. Brief Display - enhancement request to supply library locations & call numbers.
  8. EndNote - Help Documentation & connection files/filters.
  9. Patron Initiated Functions - monitor and test as new features become available.
  10. Reshelving status message - killed / refered to the succeding maintenance group.
  11. Purchase alerts - holds on ordered items with multiple holds - to be evaluated by maintenance group.

Meeting adjourned.