WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes



  • Mark Mounts (co-chair)
  • Reinhart Sonnenburg
  • Jennifer Merrill (recorder)
  • Becca Lee
  • Ann McHugo
  • Bill Fontaine


Minutes of the meeting on 8/9 were approved.


There were no announcements.

Jennifer will link the library map page to the Maps and Hours button in our header.

Location Hotlinks

Our options, for the Sept 1 release, were to turn off all the hotlinks or make a default link to use when pages haven’t been created yet.  We elected to link to the same page behind the Maps and Hours button as a default.  Mark and Bill will keep in touch with Cyndy on the progress of this.

Main Page

Change the text of the welcome message to read:  Welcome to the NEW Dartmouth College Library Catalog.  [See the article about the new catalog in the May 21st VOX (Vol. XIX, Issue #21).]

Kill the shield

Replace the scope note with a link to the Help contents page.  The link text will be "What's in the catalog…and what's not"

Other details, what's left before we go live?

Jennifer will find out from John and Cyndy what the name of the old catalog will be.

Modify the introductory text on the Feedback page to read:  "Your comments about the NEW Dartmouth College Library Catalog are very important to us. Please use the box below to send us your comments, questions and suggestions. You may also wish to consult the Help Feature of the Catalog."  The words Help Feature are the link text for a link to the Help contents page.

Bill presented an outline for an expansion of the "Your Account" section of the Help pages.  Everyone agreed it was fine.

We discussed getting some people outside the library to review the Help pages.  Suggested were: a student, Nicole Laundy.  We also suggested Cindy Stewart, as she has recently returned to Dartmouth and might bring a fresh perspective.

Displays/Field labels are being tweaked.  There's nothing that has to be done before we go live.


  • Advertise the new catalog on the library home page
  • Remove the Preview the Catalog announcement
  • Find out if we can advertise on the College home page, under Happenings.  What is the duration of messages in this section?  When should we announce?  Mark will check on this.

Placing a request for electronic resources no longer works (this is a fix.)

Requesting in-process materials.   Should we permit holds on these?  We know the system won't generate a message that the item needs to be processed immediately.    Is it possible to run a review file to identify in-process materials that have holds?  If so, we could consider running such a file regularly to see what needs to be pulled and cataloged.  Becca will investigate the review file question.

No meeting on August 23.