WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes



  • Bill Ghezzi (co-chair)
  • Mark Mounts (co-chair)
  • Jim Fries
  • Bill Fontaine
  • Becca Lee
  • Norma Pellerin
  • Jennifer Merrill
  • Paul Merchant (recorder)
  • Reinhart Sonnenburg
  • Ann McHugo
  • Guests: Cindy Pawlek, Cecilia Tittemore


  1. Cecilia presented a proposal for the formation of an "interest group" whose purpose is to oversee issues and enhancements to the WebPAC.  The group would be responsible for responding to problems with the catalog, reviewing and recommending vendor enhancements and updates to the system, providing for training on any enhancements and collecting feedback on the catalog.  The WebPAC team will present the recommendation to the Digital Library Leadership Group.

  2. Action Lists - the team developed a list of items that still need to be addressed and discussed which items need to be resolved before the September 1 release of the new catalog.

    Items that must be resolved before September 1

    • Limit (but not Location Limit)
    • Maps & Hours button
    • Main Page (the information that will appear on the main page.)
    • Links to the catalog from other pages.
    • Feedback button
    • Hot links behind the locations - link locations that don't have a specific map to a campus map of the libraries, and as more maps become available include them.
    • Help (complete and review)
    • Displays - Field labels
    • Marketing
    • BRS Catalog Link/Message on the BRS Catalog front page
    • Request E-Resource

    After September 1

    • Statistics
    • Hot links behind the locations - complete any maps that are not done by September 1.
    • Format icons (BCODES)
    • New books (by the time BRS goes away)
    • Review Files
    • Scoping
    • Data cleanup/Non-circulating items/Missing Item Records (long term project)
    • Brief display in export (lacking call numbers)
    • Endnote export
    • Patron initiated features (already in progress)
    • Location Limit (targeting start of term)
    • Time to reshelve/ recently acquired/purchase alert messages

    Needs further discussion

    Orientation - students and faculty

  3. Bill Ghezzi presented a proposal for rearranging the fields on the limit screens.  The new arrangement moves the Book/Journal limit to the top, removes the "All Electronic Resources" option which Innovative was unable to get to work, and adds Realia and Photographs to the Material Type limit.  Perhaps in the winter some usability testing can be done to determine where improvement in the limit screen and other areas are needed.

  4. Maps and Hours - We agree that the existing library hours page needs to be redesigned, but that a redesign isn't practical at the moment.  To make the Maps and Hours button functional we decided to use existing pages.  The Maps & Hours will link to the campus library map (available under the "About the Library" link on the library home page).  On that page we will add the new banner from the library home page which has a link to library hours.

  5. Front page: For September 1 we will eliminate the Dartmouth Shield, the preview message, and the scope note.  In place of the preview message, we'll put a "welcome to the new catalog" statement (to be removed after a period of time.)  Replace the holdings note with a link to "What's in the Catalog" from the help, using title from that help page as the anchor text.

  6. Feedback page:  The text on the feedback page will need to be changed.