WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes



  • Mark Mounts
  • Bill Ghezzi
  • Rebecca Lee
  • ennifer Merrill
  • Paul Merchant
  • Bill Fontain
  • Jim Fries (recorder)
  • Norma Pellerin
  • Reinhart Sonnenburg


Minutes 071201 approved.


  • We discussed next week's scheduled orientation sessions  (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday).  Reinhart and friends will cover Monday/Wednesday, Bill Ghezzi and friends will cover Thursday.

  • You may have noticed stray data appearing in browse screens (for example, in subfield l (uniform title); this is being worked on.

  • Full record display labels (descript --> description; imprint --> publisher) may be adjusted.

  • Brief export format

    should brief export format be eliminated?  following discussion, we decided to leave 'as is' and will await further feedback. 'Help' suggestions might be needed/developed to assist users, who could retrieve records and find, for example, that call number is not included in their retrieved set.  (an enhancement  request has been submitted concerning this matter).

  • Some recent suggestions from orientation sessions

    (for example, different color/style buttons for previous/next; using directional arrows to assist navigation; hyperlinking the DCL banner).  The design and programming costs involved to implement some of these suggestions are high.  No action was taken at this meeting.

  • Discuss whether we want the author/title index

    should we offer an author/title index search?  [fries note:  i don't recall the question was answered]

  • Recommended configuration

    do we also want a "does not work" section for known items like the "view additional items" not working on Macs?

    a draft statement will be distributed.  It'll include information about 'these are known problems' with browsers and (Macintosh) operating systems.

  • managing feedback

    we discussed a 2-hour meeting (tentatively scheduled for Byrne Hall dining room, 9 August, 11am-1pm) to review a checklist of problems, questions, etc. to resolve before September launch.  We discussed what items should be on our checklist.  As of this date, it includes the following:

    • WebPac maintenance after September
    • known issues page
    • disposition of recommendations from the group
    • an FAQ page
    • bibliographic status (formats)
    • resolve buttons presentation
    • stacks guides

more discussion about this to follow at our next meeting, 2 August at 11am.