WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes

May 31, 2001


  • Bill Ghezzi (co-chair)
  • Jennifer Merrill
  • Becca Lee
  • Reinhart Sonnenburg
  • Bill Fontaine
  • Paul Merchant
  • Ann McHugo (recorder)


Minutes of the meeting of 5/17 were approved with corrections.  No minutes were recorded from the informal meeting of May 24. Bill needs copies of the minutes from 4/5, 4/19, and 5/3 to post to the file server.


  1. IUG meeting:   Jennifer and Becca gave a report  from the IUG Conference.   2 features of the WebPac which we have not yet implemented are Save Preferred Searches and  Save and  E-Mail Notify Re-executed Searches.  The group feels that both these features will be of interest to faculty. Jennifer will create a test Patron-Type so that we can test these features before releasing them to everyone in the Patron database.  Jennifer mentioned that  there is a WWWoption to track on- and off- campus users, and she has implemented this capability.  Becca mentioned that  many libraries have asked that system-generated text be alterable locally.

  2. Jennifer will be installing Release 2001 soon ( date to be determined.)

  3. Jennifer announced that the DCIS link to the telnet version of "View Patron Record" has been switched to the Web.

  4. Jennifer announced that she, Bill G., and Cyndy Pawlek have met and agreed on a consistent set of location code displays for a set of terms which had caused problems in Innopac labels production.  The list has been distributed to the Library Management Group.

  5. Jennifer distributed gifts from the conference; the flashlights were particularly popular.

SubGroup reports

  1. HELP Group: the HELP report needs to be linked to the WPIT page.

  2. ORIENTATION Group:  Reinhart is reviewing the orientation script so that it can be used for the  briefer sessions to be offered to students and faculty.  For these groups it is suggested that a 10-minute overview should be presented, followed by some sample searches that students and faculty can try.  The second part of the session would be free time for Q&A, practice searching, etc.  Becca suggested that training in the Request Item function be included in the faculty sessions.  The Marketing Group will be handling the publicity for these sessions.

  3. MARKETING Group: The group has met with John James and Cyndy Pawlek to request funds for advertising give-aways, such as Post-it notes and pencils. The request has been approved.   The group has also asked for money to produce an information flyer about the new catalog.  Cyndy will be responding to the second request soon.


  1. We agreed to replace the "ON SHELF" message with "NOT ON LOAN" in response to suggestions from library staff.  The 13-character limit on messages does not allow us to use the "Not checked out" status of the BRS catalog display.

  2. Non-circulating materials such as Reference titles and "Non-Circ" stacks items currently have the same Status message as circulating titles.  Bill G. and Jennifer will investigate how Innopac  records are currently coded for non-circ titles  and how displays for these items are handled in the current catalog.  The group agreed that we would like to see a unique status message of "Library use Only" for these items.


The timeout will be increased to 20 minutes.


  1. The "Maps & Hours" button on the catalog banner  currently goes to the Feedback page. If we are displaying maps & hours with Location-link displays, do we need the "Maps & Hours" button on the banner?  This question will be added to next week's agenda.

  2. Problems have been reported with certain Browse displays, as titles, parts of titles,  and ISSNs sometimes appear as part of a display.

    Jennifer will review the title fields and subfields  that need to be fixed so that the data does not display incorrectly.

  3. We may need to address the issue of adding review files soon; bibliographers will need review files when BRS goes away.  CMDC has already begun to look at the issue of training bibligraphers to use review files.

  4. We still need to develop a System requirements" page for the New Catalog.  This item will be on next week's agenda.

Next meeting:  June 7, 11:00am, Room 158 Baker