WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes

17 May 2001, 11am-12pm, 158 Baker


  • R. Sonnenburg
  • P Merchant
  • M Mounts
  • A McHugo
  • B Lee (recorder)
  • B Ghezzi


Minutes of 5/10/01 were approved.


MM/BG:  As of 5/17/01 there will be a link to the webpac from the main Library webpage.  Additionally, the Vox will carry an article about the wepbac in tomorrow’s issue.

Help Screens update

A:  Help screens for searching are nearing completion with the exception of help for the Keyword Search and the Patron Initiated Functions - both still need considerable work.  Changes to be made to the existing help screens:

  1. The Help button currently links to a 1st level page that will be replaced by the current 2nd level help page.
  2. The Banner and Start Over button need to be included in this 2nd help page (which will be come the 1st level).

B:  Keyword Search – There was a brief discussion concerning the order of the pull-down menus used on this page.   A proposal was made to move the most likely used limits to the left hand side of the screen, i.e., switch position of Material Type with Language, Book/Jrl with E-Format.  It was decided the Help group should formulate a recommendation to present to the Webpac group concerning the order of these menus.  Additionally faculty should be encouraged to provide feedback during the formulation of these help pages.

C:  Related Button issue – Discussion - how group feels about the material type/format buttons that are available for use.  Group has no objection to iconicity but recommends further investigation of available buttons/icons for use in the catalog.

Outline for public orientation/training sessions

The group decided that we would offer orientation/training sessions this summer, perhaps beginning in late June/early July.  These sessions would be offered to faculty, administrative staff, library work-study students as well as the regular student body.  Six different training sessions were proposed:

  • Training with bibliographers/individual departments
  • Training for work-study library students
  • Training for faculty
  • Training for Admin/staff
  • Training for students
  • Advanced training for library staff and bibliographers

Several options were presented for ways in which to alert the targeted users of orientation sessions:

  • Invitation with dates of sessions?
  • Drop in sessions with various bibliographers?
  • Integrate session marketing with John Cocklin’s library orientation session?

Meeting adjourned.