WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes



  • McHugo
  • Pellerin
  • Merchant
  • Mounts
  • Nelson
  • Sonnenburg
  • Ghezzi
  • Merrill (recorder)


The minutes of the 2/15/01 meeting were approved.


USC will talk about the new Library Catalog at their March 7 meeting which is 10:30 - noon in the Starr Instructional Center.  Members of this group who are not USC members should feel free to attend.

Question: Do USC/CMDC folks need to attend our orientation sessions?

Notes from the CMDC/USC meeting (and related tangents)

The Medical School term starts in August.  Can we do our campus roll-out then instead of timing it for the undergraduate term start?  Need to check with Tuck for their start date too.  Still the question of whether we can have the BRS database running in conjunction with Innopac.

We need to make a firm decision about whether BRS continues during the fall term.  If we're recommending against then we need to alert LOSC soon.  The marketing group will also need to know.

How will we advertise the new catalog to try out from the library website?  That is, on what date does the Search the Catalog link on the library website go to Innopac instead of BRS?  Can that happen and still have the DCIS client searching BRS?  This could be confusing to people who use both.

Language: Concern about access to languages that are not in the limit menu.  We could write an advanced language help screen that includes the secret incantation for searching by language codes.  This would provide search access to all languages.  This "secret incantation" is available for all of the limit fields, not just language.  Need to get the list of limit field names so we can document the searching for power users.

What about the menu?  Should we leave it as a short list or do all the languages?  How should we order them?  Agreed to see what conclusions we can draw from user testing.

FrameURL:  Should we keep the frame or not?  Agreed to see what conclusions we can draw from user testing.

Maybe we need to develop a list of questions that we want feedback on that we can refer to during SOS.

Cyndy wondered if we'd included all data possible in our keyword index.  The AKI group recommended what they thought made sense.  Anything additional that we want to index has to be lumped in the same "other" slice as currently contains note information.  There is no capability to add other slices.  Consider whether we need to add documentation to the keyword search screen that describes what is in the "other" slice.  SOS trainers need to be familiar with what's in that slice.

We're missing a Start Over button on the external Help document.  Or should we open that in a new browser window?  Discussed moving the Advanced Search Tips link to the bottom of the screen and having it launch a new search screen with the search form on the top and the tips below it.  This would keep the main search screens short so users are scared by the amount of text on the screen.  Paul will mock this up for us to look at.

What is the value of the big guide?  Do we keep it?  Or scatter its contents on the various search index screens?

Marketing subgroup

Ran out of time, so Mark and Bill will refine the charge and think about membership.

SOS (formerly, briefly MOO)

Reinhart gave a brief report of their progress.

Will hold orientation sessions beginning in intersession and continuing beyond that.

Include student workers in the sessions

Be willing to travel to associated libraries as well as using Starr

Working on a list of topics

Ann reminded us that STDC can help with the advertising

Bill Ghezzi suggested that the schedule Starr soon.

Are they thinking about a "train the trainers" session?  The trainers will mainly be our team, but we may call on a few others to assist due the large number of sessions we anticipate giving.