WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2001 Meeting


  • Mark Mounts
  • Bill Ghezzi
  • Ann McHugo
  • Paul Merchant
  • Becca Lee
  • Norma Pellerin (recorder)
  • Reinhart Sonnenburg
  • Bill Fontaine


1. Approve minutes

A couple of corrections were made to the January 7, 2001 meeting.  Reinhart will make the changes.

2.  Announcements

Bill Ghezzi - Jennifer has received responses on the 'limit' concerns. Greg McCall is working with her on the limit screen and the broken hot link in series.  The Language limit has been changed based on the top 20 languages used in our present catalog.  Material type - we sent them what they needed to begin working on this problem and hope for a solution soon.  Series - the display formats are inconsistent (hot links go to different fields...)  Response from Innovative has improved, much to Bill's relief.

3.  Continue discussing the Main Menu Subgroup Report - Mark

Main Points

  1. Two levels BEFORE getting to a search box? - decided to go to one - the DCLC page would be the top page.
  2. Content for main page - what will our users need to use the catalog?
    1. What do we put on the Header Bar?  Discussion and suggestions were given.
      Paul and Bill will make suggested changes for the group to look at.
    2. Tabled the issue of what buttons travel ( Design group will discuss this in more detail).
    3. Add a suggestion/comment link at the bottom of the page.
    4. The Main Menu Subgroup will now work on setting up terminology and what should be under the Author, Title, etc. boxes.
    5. Tabled the issue of  'Journal Title Search' for now.
  3. Bill will reconvene the Design Subgroup after he returns from ALA.
  4. Next meeting will be Thursday, January 18 at 11:00am.
    Agenda item:  Jennifer will be presenting the URL Subgroup Report.