WebPac Implementation Team : Meeting Minutes



  • Jennifer Merrill
  • Bill Ghezzi
  • Jim Fries
  • Norma Pellerin
  • Mark Mounts
  • Bill Fontaine
  • Jennifer Nelson(recorder)
  • Becca Lee
  • Paul Merchant
  • Ann McHugo
  • Reinhart Sonnenberg

Approval of Minutes

Previous Minutes approved (11/16/00)


  • The proposed design is up and running.
  • Timeline roughed out, needs to be looked at and added to
  • Reaction from lib staff needed.  Add a form to the web page for suggestions and comments.  Allow anonymous emails to encourage honest thought.
  • Becca asked about a check sorting shelves status for items just returned
  • There will be a joint CMDC and USC presentation in Feb.


Help group

Bill F. Help group met and is reviewing contexual help on pages.  Each member took a section and will present to the group and try to reach a consensus on how to achieve uniformity.  They are raising issues that affect other subgroups (ie. name of the help button, where help and ILL buttons should appear on the page, etc.)  These issues will be examined by the entire WPIT group to determine what is possible with wwwoptions and coptions.  Jen M. and Paul M.  will provide HTML code because the captured source doesn't contain all the format and template information.

URL group

Jen M.  URL group  is revising it's report. Will soon be done.

Patron group

Becca L. Patron group is waiting for answers from various questions to the Inno Listserv, got some information from the III trainer adn is ready to proceed again.  Definitely getting closer to finishing.

Design group

Bill G. Design group announces the new template for the webpac is up.  Advanced keyword and number buttons have been modified.

Limit group

Limit group stalled awaiting III item itypes

Post Search Functionality Report


Which Checkin record fields should output when the user exports Checkin records in Brief format?

Example title:

Recommend: Defer until such time as we implement recording holdings data in checkin records


Define which subfields display in the first line of the Extended display and the single line of the Brief display.  Also, define which subfields should be displayed as part of the hotlink  (does not control what subfields are part of the link itself, just whether they are part of the link text).

Recommend: Investigate later if current behavior deemed unacceptable.  The group felt it was better to stick with the default unless there was a problem identified.


For what searches (index tags) should we display the MARC 245 instead of the first t-tagged field?


Recommend:   atdiocglfemXY (all indexes)

Discovered that items searched b uniform title displayed the 245 (Reinhart approved heartily)


What indexes should be offered in the drop down menu?

Example title:    any title

Recommend:   atdcX (author, title, subject, keyword, LC Call)

It was also discovered that if you do a search not given on the drop down search box at the top of a screen, it is added to the list for the duration of your session.

For Subject:  should it be LC Subject, subject heading?  should they be directed to keyword?

decided to stay with recommendation


Specify the methods by which records may be exported from the database and in which formats.  Methods are browser, email, local.  Formats are full, brief, marc, endnote, procite.

Recommend:   Offer all methods and all formats

defer until some questions are answsered and decide to not offer some choices which don't work properly

ALTAVISTA style searching

keyword with limits with relevance for testing purposes only, probably not going to be offered

Name of search moved to top of page instead of underneath


What message should display when an item is checked out?

Recommend:   A group of public services staff should look at this as well as desired translations of the item STATUS codes.

Becca Lee and Jen Merrill will work with USC on the exact messages.

Next meeting 12/14/00